Love Live Watanabe You Makeup

Have you seen the new Love Live generation? It’s so cute! All those new pretty ladies! And they turned out to be just as special as Muse. Naturally I had to cosplay someone! And Watanabe You is the prettiest of them all!

So, here is the makeup tutorial for this sporty girl!love

Start with your clean face. Prime and moisturise.

  1. Then apply foundation, concealer and setting powder.Stepb
  2. Now apply your eyeliner. Go big in the middle for round eyes and then go slim. This will create her droopy eyes. Then put some white liner on your waterline and black underneath your lower lash line. Use a small brush to blend it towards your inner eye.Stepc
  3. Now contour your pretty face! Here you can see my war paint. Afterwards apply some nice pink blush. If you don’t know basic contouring then watch some tutorials on youtube! You don’t have to do a lot just basic contouring for shape.Stepd
  4. Now it’s time for fake lashes! Yay! Apply glue, wait a minute and stick them on! Just because You is a sporty girl you don’t get to skip lashes! She’s still an idol, right?Stepe
  5. I applied a little of a red/ orange eyeshadow around the outer edge of my eye and swiped it to the insides, but only a small little bit! It will give your eyes that anime feel and make them look more shiny.Apply mascara on your lower lashes. Set your makeup with setting spray.Stepf
  6. Conceal the edges of your lips and apply some pink colour in the middle. Now it’s time to throw on your wig!Stepg
  7. Go and sing your cute little songs!! Be that idol you were born to be!!

***Many thanks to the pretty  Luxayre Cosplay for sharing the experience.***


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