[☆ Kitty Himee’s Anime Boston 2015 convention report ☆]

☆ Hello kittens! Kitty Himee speaking here ~ I am a Canadian-based cosplayer who likes everything pink and cute, and who mostly cosplay as dolls, lolis and princesses. I hope you guys are doing great and having a good time, at least as much as I did last week-end during Anime Boston 2015!

General ☆

Anime Boston is a three-days anime convention held in Boston, Massachussett at Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Boston Hotel. Always happening during spring, this year, it occured from April 3rd to 5th 2015. It is a pretty big con as it got 6th place in North American anime convention 2014’s top 10, with approximatively 25 000 attendees.

☆ As a cosplayer, I mostly go to anime conventions to portray characters I like, meet new cosplayers from other countries and to buy anime-related goods such as figures, pieces of clothing, plushies, jewellery, etc. I know some people might come to go to panels, concerts and such, but those aren’t my cup of tea, so I will not comment about them. On another note, Anime Boston’s Dealers Room as well as Artist Alley have always been my favorites. I went to more than a few conventions in North America and I can’t help but feel emotionnally attached to AB’s one. The Dealers Room and Artist Alley aren’t on the same floor, which I find great since it helps you to guide your choice. Searching for a gorgeous Mononoke Hime print? Go to the Artist Alley. Looking for a cute alpacas plushie? Dealers Room has it. On the other hand, I felt like this year’s AB didn’t have as much variety as it used to and was a little dissapointed in the figures I saw unfortunatly.

Pros ☆

♥ Very good vibe about the cosplayers, everybody seemed to have a good time and enjoy eachother’s compagny

♥ Nice LiSa concert from what I heard, one of my friend even cried from the perfect performance

♥ Big Artists Alley and Dealers Room

♥ Cool selection of guests

♥ Faster elevators than previous years to get to your hotel room while staying in Sheraton Boston Hotel

♥ Nice and helpful staff INSIDE the actual convention

♥ More effective bag check than previous years

 ☆ Cons ☆

♥ Rude staff screaming all con long OUTSIDE of the convention

♥ Not being able to access Sheraton Boston Hotel by the usual way, have to pass by a 10 minutes walk other way while being yelled at by said rude staff

♥ Very long line to get in the convention, even going outside while it was windy and cold, and even raining at some point (can you imagine yourself wearing huge high heels, bikini-type cosplay or long wig outside during a cold day of spring?!)

♥ Less variety of goods in the Dealers Room

♥ Artists belonging in Artists Alley in Dealers Room instead due to lack of organisation

♥ Foodcourt crowded at all time of the day, at least 40 minutes wait before getting your meal


 ☆ My own experience ☆

☆ I had a great time despise the negative aspects of the convention I already covered. I dressed as a pastel kitty maid on Friday, as Shiro from No Game no Life (sponsored by Miccostumes) on Saturday as well as Sunday morning before changing into my Korilakkuma kigurumi.

☆ I bought three very lovely alpacas plushies, two gorgeous Sailor Moon macarons, a very cute pink seifuku, a rainbow petticoat with tiny bows and two pastel necklaces which I love very much. I even got a free print, given by an artist after I talked to her at the con since we found in eachother lots of things in common !

☆ I got filmed in two videoshoots and got a personnal photoshoot as Shiro on Monday in the hotel room and I would lie if I told you I wasn’t super excited to see the result just yet !

☆ I had tons of fun with my friends and even got new ones from Connecticut and Boston which is great since I love befriending new people. Those guys were the main reason why this Anime Boston was my ultimate favorite up to date. I laughed all con long, watched animes in the room during the nights (got to discover Gundam Build Fighter which fitted perfectly with AB’s Kaiju VS Mecha theme), drank cool purple drinks and I can’t wait to see my new friends at Connecticon this summer.

 ☆ Credits ☆

If you know cosplayers who have been featured in this article and that I haven’t credited, please PM me on my facebook page to let me know, so I can give them credit for their work.

Asuna (Sword Art Online), TinkerBell (Peter Pan), Princess Peach (Super Mario), Rosalina (Super Mario), Black Lady & Princess Serenity (Sailor Moon), Fem!Inu Yasha (Inu Yasha), Me and my friends Heiki, Zuki and Kirliara in kigurumis, Shiro (No Game No Life) & Tetsuro Kuroo (Haikyuu!!)

Kitty Himee

♥ Kitty Himee is a Canadian-based cosplayer who adores everything pink and cute ♥ She specialises herself in cosplaying as dolls, lolis and princesses, since it's what suit her doll-like features the best ♥ Her ultimate favorite animes are Yu Gi Oh!, Hunter x Hunter, Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura ♥