Kami-Con 2012

Title: Kami-Con 2012
Location: University of Alabama Ferguson Center, Tuscaloosa, AL

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Description: An interactive convention where the congoers control the outcome of the convention’s story! Kami-Con has been growing fast these past 3 years! In addition to the many events already listed, we also have large table top gaming rooms, video game contests, vendors, artists, a Pokémon center, and fun games like dodge ball. We have something for everyone here at Kami-Con, so check us out!
Official Site: http://kamicon.net/
Start Date: 2012-02-03
End Date: 2012-02-05

Note: Right now we are looking for authors to cover cons live worldwide, so if you can attend different cons in your country or worldwide, please contact us for partnership and sponsorship.