Join CosplayCrossing – Apply for free cosplay costume and wig

What is CosplayCrossing?

Like Bookcrossing, we define CosplayCrossing as “We offer free costume & wig to a cosplayer in a certain area for his/her photo shooting, anime convention, or something like that. And then, the cosplayer passes on the costume/wig to another cosplayer, and so on.”
First Edition of CosplayCrossing in US will provide free cosplay costumes and wigs for cosplayers ( Right now We are planning to begin at US. first) who are planning to join in anime conventions,local cosplay meetup or anything related to cosplay. The “first Cosplayer” will get the free cosplay items from us, then the items will be shipped to “second cosplayer” from the “first cosplayer”, then to next and next…. The last cosplayer will ship back the items to us and we will make the items as the mementos.
The basic instructions is below:

1. We will release each new cosplay items in every quarter.

2. Join in the cosplaycrossing queue.Because the costumes will be made as standard size (s,m,l,xl,plus size).Make sure the costumes fit for your size before you join in the queue. Email us your contacts details to Miccostumes [@], The title of your email should be “ – Your name”.your contact details should included:

  1. Your Name:
  2. Your Address:
  3. Your email:
  4. Your phone:
  5. Your Facebook/Twitter:
  6. Introduce about youself:

3. When you get the items from us or other cosplayers, you can keep the items as long as one week, then you should ship them to the next cosplayer. We will list every cosplayers contact details in this site (including facebook,twitter,email) except phone number , so please be honest and ship out the items in time. :)

4. If you are in the cosplaycrossing queue, you should cover the shipping cost. We will make sure all items will be shipped from the same country, no international shipping,this will save much shipping cost.

5. Share us your cosplay photos and also maybe the reviews for the cosplay costumes or wigs online.

6. Every cosplayer can have a signature on the blank area of the costume.

7. Keep all the cosplay items good and clean, This is the most important. If there are cosplayer tell us they get the costumes/wigs broken or mess,someone will not get the opportunities to join in CosplayCrossing again.

Our first cosplaycrossing will be launch in the May/June of 2012, will release more details later. So make sure check our site regularly. Feel free to contact us, even if you are not interested in the costume/wig, even if you are not in US. Our following editions of CosplayCrossing will cover more costumes and areas.