Guest Post-If You Have a Cosplay Girlfriend

Hi,everyone,valentine’s day(2013) is coming, this week,one of our customer-Charis submit a guest post to us, it’s really funny, I think we should share it at our blog. So comment here if you like this article 🙂

If You Have a Cosplay Girlfriend

How many of you dudes out there have had a girlfriend who was into cosplay? No, seriously – do you know what it’s really like?

For those of you who know, shush. To all you fellas’ out there with a girlfriend who cosplays, who think that it’s a HOT hobby of theirs – think twice!


They aren’t going to suit up for you; much less half straddle half model in front of the camera with you. Oh yeah, you get to HOLD THEIR STUFF at the corner of the convention room while they go trotting off for hours – posing for the camera away from your watchful eyes.

On a more serious note, here are some pros and cons that I’ve gathered on several lucky and unlucky fellows out there with a girlfriend who cosplays.


1.Let’s start with a bright spot! For the guys with decent girlfriends, she might get you to take pictures of her while she models in the convention. Eye-candies! What better way to spend your time, and hey by the way she isn’t wearing a bra (Left).


2.Hey, her girl-friends might take a liking to you and it will considerably widen your options or you might start counting your blessings (relative to how attractive her friends are and if you want a new girlfriend). Eh, preferably when they’re less clothed – you can’t tell their figure from a bulky droid suit.

33.However, you might really like her so you can look cute and cosplay together (Left) !

Eh, or look like idiots together (Right), they’re not even cosplaying by the way – are those cosplay costumes? I think not.


Now here for the juicy part …


1.Some of these girls may be what you’d call a “homestuck” cosplayer – meaning that they hand-craft their own cutesy little one-pieces and faerie wands. Awwww! You think that’s too cute?

Well, buddy, your girlfriend might not be exactly right up there, if you get what I’m saying. Hell, here’s an anecdote from a lovely girl at tumblr.

Let’s talk about the horrors of being a homestuck cosplayer!

We make our kidneys ruined by all the energy drinks we have to drink to make ourselves stay up and work on cosplay two days before the convention as you hysterically weep and scream “WHY CAN’T I BE BETTER AT SEWING” as you rip out your greasymattedtangledknotty hair and then the fabric gets caught in the machine and your needle snaps then the spool of thread comes unraveled and there’s thread everywhere and you try to fix the needle but it just won’t work then you stab yourself by accident and get blood all over the cosplay and have to start over from scratch and you glance up at the clock and it says 4:07 in the morning and you’ve stayed up all night and then your mom barges in and screams “GO TO BED ALREADY” but you just won’t go until she pulls the plug on the machine and by then you’re having a mental breakdown and curling up into the fetal position and weeping hysterically again and wondering how the fuck you’re ever going to get this done in time and you fall asleep in the corner of your closet underneath two feet of cosplay that’s fallen off the racks but your just too lazy to hang them back up but none the less you finally cry yourself to sleep over all that hard work gone to waste then you get up two hours later, have a few more red bulls and a dozen sugar cookies before sitting back down and working until 5:08 in the morning on the day of the convention then you crawl back into your bed after finishing only to have your alarm clock go off at 5:30 so that you can get your ass up and blow about an hour and a half applying all that gog damn troll makeup and put your horns on then drive to the convention three hours away while in the process freaking out several people in cars beside you and a few people in toll booths but you finally make it to the convention and realize you left a very important prop at home along with the keys to your house so you are utterly fucked then somedouche bag nearly runs you over in the parking lot but none the less you’ve finally made it there and you feel like you’re dead but you still have the time of your life and once you get home your face is covered in various shades of green, blue, and purple from the sloppy troll makeouts and your dripping grey onto your cosplay but you don’t give a damn if you mess anything up and you rip off your cosplay, horns and wig that you put so much time and effortsewing and styling, and scream out “FUCK IT. RIGHT UP THE ASS.” and you fall down onto your bed face first without bothering to take any of the grey off and successfully smear it all over your god tier bed sheets you dedicated so much time you should have been doing homework on, completely exhausted and you fall asleep wondering who in their right mind would EVER do this to themselves willingly and you swear to yourself that you’ll NEVER do this againas you finally sleep like the dead for the next two days but still you got it all done and will wind up doing it again in a month for another convention.

I’m sorry, did I rant?
((Yep this has happened to me before. True story.)) “


2.If she’s not a weirdo homely, country bumpkin who knits pathetic excuses for costumes, then she might be a manipulative little hussy. Yes, no in-betweens. She might think that she could get away with having you putty in her hands! Especially if you know NOTHING about cosplay.

You know how it is:
“But Sakura-chan NEEDS the 6 different bikinis, and I need new make-up and shoes!”

Don’t fall for such antics, you’re above that and I believe she’s above that too if she had any respect for you – that is if you have respect for yourself in the first place!

bebe_don__t_cry___shirahoshi_one_piece_cosplay_by_k_i_m_i-d5gi30kcosplay from K-I-M-I

3. Here’s the thing, so you bought her the cosplay costume and all the glitter dust that she so desperately needs. And now? If she’s going to be gone for hours at that anime cosplay convention WITHOUT inviting YOU (I mean, you shouldn’t even have to ask!), then I don’t see a problem with cuddling her replacement for a few hours:


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Wow, in my opinion, generally if you have a cosplay girlfend ,you will be the lucky boy :)Wanna know the reason? see our incoming valentine’s day couple cosplay contest !


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