How to Style Naruto Sakura Wig For Cosplay

Sakura has shoulder length pink hairs with M shaped bang to show her forehead, to cosplay her, you will have to deal with the wig styling. Here we will show you how to make her stylish hair for cosplay.

(Tutorial by 谭婆婆)sakura a

Here is the original wig:sakura b

Follow the red mark and clip the latter layer of hair backward as the left picture, then upturn other hairs and keep it in shape with gluesakura cCut the overlong hair off, glue them onto the forehead and pay attention to the trendsakuraD

Done with the bang, take it off the dummy head and trim at the forehead edges, it will look more natural when you put it e

Apply some white latex and to make the upright hairs hang fThick the hairs at the top of the head (just the front part) with overlong hairs we cut before and glue.

it turns out like this:sakura gThen trim the wig to the suitable length, follow the red mark

sakura h

Use hair straightener to straight all the hairs at the back of the head.Sakura i

Creat all the spikes with white latex. Sakura jTie on the headband and it is completednaruto sakura



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