How to Style Naruto Kakashi Hatake Wig For Cosplay

Hero of the Sharingan, friend-killer, Sixth Hokage all in one, that’s Kakashi Hatake. If you

are a kakashi fan or about to cosplay him, you can not miss this tutorial for shaping his typical

spiky silver hair style.

What to prepare:

  1. Hair spray,
  2. curling iron,
  3. scissors,
  4. comb.

kakshi a

According to the character image, we need to make spikes and orient the overhead hairs to the

left side. Firstlt, put the wig on the dummy head and generally part the hair in sections.kakshi c

As it is known he wears a head band, so the key is overhead hairs.

Make sure hairs at which sections should be lifted up and spare few hairs as fringe.

kakashi d

Cut the hair near the forehead into suitable length,kakashi e

After that, trim the side burn hairs.kakashi f

Then cut the back head hairs from the top.kakashi g

Similar way to trim the hairs lower to the neck, make it short.

kakashi h

Trim the side hairs into length and thin it hard because the forehead protector will

influence the whole shape if we don’t make it thinner.

kakashi iAfter done with the cutting, part the hair in sections once again and get ready to spray.

kakashi jApply some spray at the root of the hair and hold it up

kakashi kAfter standing the overhead hair up, trim the bang into suitable length.

kakashi lApply some spray to keep it in shape.

kakashi mThin the hair at the top slightly,

kakashi nShape the back head part hair with hands

kakashi oAgain, thin the hair at this section, and we are finishing it

kakashi pkakashi q

Put on the forehead protector and mask, let’s see how does it looks like on our cosplayer :kakashi r

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kakashi s



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