How To Style Digimon Adventure Boys Tai Kamiya Wig For Cosplay

Have you ever dreamed of being Tai Kamiya, partnering with Agumon and bearing the Crest of Courage?

For cosplayers, it’s possible being anyone, let’s take the wig styling as the step one.

What to prepare:

  1. brown wig
  2. dummy head
  3. scissors
  4. comb
  5. hair spray

You need to get a basic wig either from online or local store,  a brown wig like this:

tai aPut it on the dummy head and comb a little, what a man awoke from a hangover.tai bTai has spiky hair and wears a pair of glasses on his forehead, also remember there is a wisp of hair

falling down to the nose.
We will begin with the initial trim, get it started from the two sides. tai c

tai dKeep trimming and move to the back head part, but leave the hair at the over head alone.tai e

For hairs near the back neck, cut them short enough.tai f

Detail trim and get the whole wig into general shape.
Cut the hair at the back of the head accordingly. tai hThin the hair vertically as pictured, at the same time roughly part the hair in sections

and try out the length and shape.tai i

Spray slightly at the top of the head, and uplift the hair naturally.tai jMake the hair at side standing as well.

Spray again to keep the hair uplifted. tai ktai l

Here are the general shape:tai mtai nStyling! Part the hair at the top in sections.If need, comb a little since we used some spray before.tai otai pSpray all over, and shape with hands.tai qtai r

The most typical feature of Tai hairstyle is the big spike at the top and the  volume trending to the left. tai sUplift the side hairs to make the large volume.tai ttai uDiffer the spike sizes at the top, if the spikes here are of similar size, the whole wig may not look natural.

Shape the other side.tai vMake spikes with fingers.

tai wMake spikes at the back of the head as well, trend them upward.tai xtai ySpray once more and keep the whole wig in shape, accordingly re-mark the typical spikes and volume.

And we are finishing it; let’s see how it turns out to be:tai z

tai costai cospQuite identical to the character, right? And how does it look like on a cosplayer? tai cosplayer

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