How to Make You an Outstanding Street Fighter Chun Li Cosplayer?

With helpful, yet easy tips on how to make accessories on street fighter Chun Li cosplay costume and photographing, everybody can show an excellent Chun Li cosplay performance. Now, let’s begin.

Step 1: Find Chun Li Cosplay Costume.

As a hot game character, Chun Li cosplay costume will be easy to be found. For a better fitting, most dealers can customize the suit for you. I found an ideal outfit from Japanese brand of Omosirokurabu, on which decorative patterns and cut are both well done and the price is rather reasonable. But the question is that an imitated electroplating color is used on the suit. What I really want to find is a plated Chun Li cosplay costume. Then, I plan to make some alterations on the suit.

Step 2: Make Buns on the Head.

Buns on Chun Li’s head are divided into two styles: gilt-edged and non gilt-edged.

To fit the texture on the costume, brightly silver cloth is chosen here, which is often used on ecopelle parts of stage costumes.

Paillettes, which are golden enough, are sewed to make gold plaques on the edge.

Sewing will be troublesome because you need to contact pin from the middle hole of the rope. Besides, twist it twice to ensure the thickness.

Step 3: Make the Bracelet.

This is a crucial element.

Foaming rubber is used to make the bracelet. It’s waterproof and heat-preserving, which can be found on decoration material market. First, make two basic circles.

Fix them by mighty bond.

Closed angle is made like this.

Glue it.

Round off the edge.

Repeat above steps and make several closed angles.

Then, the basic bracelet is finished.

Black acrylic paint from Winsor & Newton is used to paint the bracelet body.

Closed angles are painted by silver spray paint. To strengthen the electroplating color, plating paint is used, which is also called as mirror paint or chrome-plated paint.

Then the bracelet has been finished. Certainly, it feels rather rough and needs meticulous processing.

Try it on.

Step 4: Make the Silk Stockings.

Obviously, Chun Li wears dark colored silk stockings. But plain silk stockings will expose the strengthened part on the waist because of high split on the cheongsam. In this case, color division will be shown. Thus, it’s a must to choose specialized T silk stockings to cover the strengthened part.

Above pictures show you brown and black silk stockings. But if your thigh width is about 60CM, the brown color will be stretched and become less brown. Thus, black should be better.

Step 5: Make the Boots.

To move freely and ensured a low cost, just buy a pair of white Martin boots.

Change the black shoelaces to be white. Make buckle fasteners on the top line and shoes tongue shown on above picture by EVA. Holes to stringing can be fixed by a small hammer. Finally, paint the plating paint.

Then, all accessories have been completed. Here is the whole look, without being processed by PS.

Step 6: Photographing and Later Stage

First, photographers shoot various kicking movements. Deal with spots and drapes on the backdrop.

Enhance the brightness and contrast.

Adjust the color on the backdrop.

Draw the required speed lines and ink parts by PS.

Adjust speed lines that connect with the cosplayer and vignette some of them.

Then, the final photo looks like this.

Having known how to make accessories on Street Fighter Chun Li costume and taking photos, you must have a good time on the coming show.


8 thoughts to “How to Make You an Outstanding Street Fighter Chun Li Cosplayer?”

  1. OMG!!!! Such a life saver! I needed to know so bad how to make the bracelts… thank you!

    1. you are welcome!! we will continue to post more cosplay tutorials to help cosplay lovers!!

  2. Hi, this is a great tutorial. I have everything I need except for the bracelets. Do you have the measurements you used to make them? I know this is some basic geometry and math skills, but I’m so terrible at it. I wish I had payed attention to math!

    Anyway if you can help, that would be great! Thank you!

    1. mm, christina, we dont have measurements, tutorials submit by our friends, I think you dont really need to consider measurement much,just try to make some test. Actually if have see handcuffed before, you will get some idea about the measurements.

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