How to Make World of Warcraft Crystal Spire of Karabor?

Crystal Spire of Karabor is an epic one-handed mace for healers. It is a long-awaited weapon for lots of World of Warcraft cosplay lovers. Some people buy it. But some people are interested in making it by themselves. So, if planning to make it personally, how should you do?

1Step 1: Analyze. Take a detailed look at the design drawing and draw lines on some crucial parts to make sure the size and structure.

2Step 2: Cut the boards. After drawing down the shape and cut them off from the board.

3Step 3: Cut. Put the paperboard on EVA and cut the drawn shape off.

4Step 4: Bond. According to different angles, bond those EVA boards, from flat surfaces to stereo surfaces.

6Step 5: Combine. After all components have been bonded, combine them to form a whole.

8Step 6: Stick flowers on. When the subject has been finished, you should stick flowers on.

9Step 7: Finish.

10So, to make the Crystal Spire of Karabor is not so difficult, right? Honestly speaking, once you are interested, you will find easy to make any prop for cosplay.


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