How to Make Tomb Raider 9 Lara Croft Necklace for Cosplay

It has been a while we did not talk about the prop making for cosplayers, here we will show you how to make a detailed Lara Croft necklace for cosplay.

Main materials: 3mm thick PVC board, thin iron wire, leather rope, jade green paint, black propylene, art knife, abrasive paper, graver.

When you get the above items prepared, we will get it started.lara a

Firstly, draw the  pendant shape on a piece of paper.

You can either outline the whole shape, but more efficiently, you can just draw a half and double up.

Cut along the line and unfold, you will get a complete paper pattern.lara bTrace the paper piece onto the PVC sheet. Spare some space at the edges for cutting. lara c

And then cut. We will need two pieces of PVC pattern.lara d

Here we got two identical PVC pieces.lara e

Next, glue them together as pictured.lara f

Then, abrade the edges, make it rounded.lara g

It is impossible to round the edge by one cut, usually we round the edge like sharping a pencil,

bevel three times for one edge.lara h

We are getting closer.lara i

Use abrasive paper to take care of the details. Then build the iron wire in as the photo above.

Fill the sunken places with poly-putty base, and then abrase again.

lara j

To abrase the inner sides, you can attach abrasive paper to the graver and then deal with it.lara k

After that, brush two layers of white latex. lara l

Paint it all green. When it gets dry, use black propylene and alcohol to mark the notch.

Then wipe off the needless black propylene.lara m

Tie it on the rope, and we are done with the Lara Croft necklace.

It’s fun and challenging to make such a small item as detailed as possible.

But when you finished it, you will sure be proud of yourself. Now your turn to make your own.


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