How to Make RWBY Adam Taurus Mask For Cosplay

Adam Taurus, being a highly ranking member of White Fang, is not a negligible character in RWBY. While have you wondered the face under his mask? We are not going to talk further about his face underneath, we will show you how to make the mask if you want to cosplay him.maxresdefault

This is easy and will not cost you much.

First of all, you need a PVC sheet; actually PVC foam sheet is better.

To start with, outline the mask shape on a piece of paper, you do not need to draw the triangle piece on the forehead, take care of it later.When done with drawing, fold the paper in half, and cut along the lines. The paper pattern will be symmetrical this way.

Then trace the shape onto the PVC sheet we prepared before, cut to a basic mask piece as pictured.adam-a

Then pencil red pattern and eye slits.

At this step, draw symmetry axis first and use a ruler to locate the slits.adams-b

Carve with an art knife carefully; steady hands at this step or it may cause scratches.

When seeing from the back, there is subtle mark, repeat the above from the reverse side. Here is what you will get:adam-cAs to the triangle piece on the forehead, same procedure to get a PVC pattern.

Hollow out to create a triangle frame.

Then over glue it to another triangle pieceadam-d

Attached the forehead piece to the mask, and clear the edges. Fill in all small gaps with glue.

Do not bend the mask to shape, paint it first.adam-e

Add a layer of base paint first, and then use transparent tape to fully cover it.

Get rid of the tape at the red pattern area, and then color the whole piece into red.

When it dries out, rip down the tape.

You can also make the red pattern of PVC and glue it on.adam-f

Then bend the mask to shape and glue the forehead piece on.

Done with it, the result is quite satisfying.adam-g

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New season has started, and the season 4 Ruby cosplay is also available, more RWBY costumes await your visit.adam



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