How To Make Overwatch Gun For Cosplay

ov dvaWe talked about making the earphones , now let’s move to her gun, here is the general guide.

First of all, break down the structure, you may see the picture below:drawPencil each part onto the pvc sheets and cut it off. ov aov bAnd the base, to get the thickness, duplicate the pvc patterns and glue them togetherov dov e

It is not easy to cut pvc, and you need to polish all the edges.

Then assemble all pieces together, it is getting in general shape.ov gStill far from finishing , you can compare it to the official design.

Now take care of the small decorative piecesov fov hCut and glue them on, we are gettting closer slowly.ov i

Pay attention to the size and whereabouts of each piece.ov jOVERWATCH

You can add light to it or use an eva strip and paint it green.

Thsi is how it finally turns out to beDVA cos

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dva coser


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