How To Make League Of Legends The Fae Sorceress Lulu Wand For Cosplay

We talked about how to make the Storm’s Fury Janna wand for cosplayers, and one more

League of Legends tutorial: create the Fae Sorceress Lulu wand!


The main materials are EVA sheets and PVC tubes.

For the first step, outline the shape of the top wand on papers and cut along the line.

Then trace the paper pattern on EVA sheets and cut.We will need two pieces EVA of exact shape and size.lulu aFor handle, prepare two tubes of different diameters as pictured bellow. 

lulu bSlip the smaller tube into another one, keep a short section of the inner tube outside.
Wrap a layer of EVA sheet onto it for the convenience of the coloring. lulu c

Next, create the backbone for build-in use.

Heat the tube at the turning point and bend it into shape.Make sure the pipe is long enough before bending it.

Then apply some hot melt glue to keep the tube in shape and attached it to the EVA piece. lulu dlulu eAfter that, take care of the decorative part for the joint part and handle end.

Draw the figures onto all these pieces and slightly notch along the lines.lulu fGlue the above four decorative pieces onto the tube, and bellow is what you will getlulu gAnd the overall shape is almost done.
Brush a coat of white latex, when it drys out, add another layer.lulu h
And at last, coloring! here is the full body look for the finished product: LULU

The Lulu wand is done. If need, find fancy League of Legends cosplays at

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