How to Make League of Legends Battle Bunny Riven Carrot Sword For Cosplay

No ethical pause, no fear of death!  That’s Riven, the Exile.

Among all her skins, which one do you prefer? While this time, we will only focus on

Battle Bunny Riven and share the experience of how we made her weapon the Carrot sword.

Main Materials:

  1. 5mm thick EVA sheets (around 1.4 meters long),
  2. PVC tubes of 2.5 cm diameters and 1.5meters length.
  3. A PVC tube of 2cm diameters and 10cm length.
  4. Hot melt glue and Silicone Liquid Glue
  5. Propylenes of dark green, golden, salmon and silver colors.

We will separate the whole sword into two parts: blade (with green leaves),  sword handle.

Draft the blade shape on a piece of paper as always, then trace it on EVA sheets.

Below is what we got from this step: two pieces of EVA patterns

(around 1 meter long and 40 cm wide)

Make sure the two pieces are identical:riven a

Next, bevel at the blade edges and glue the two pieces together, at the same time implant the PVC

tube as the spine and try out the shape.
Here attach an EVA piece to each of the four holes internally. riven b

Heat and bend the tube according to the blade shape. riven c

Fasten the tube and glue the baldes into one.riven d

Then draw the leaves on EVA sheets and cut them off.riven f

The blade thickness at the hilt is created by an additional EVA strip.

riven g

riven hFor the small gaps, silicone liquid glue is used.
This kind of glue would not be too sticky to fingers and can be easy to get rid of

even you got some on your hands.
And more importantly, it makes the EVA joined firmly.riven i

For the handle, get another PVC tube of 2cm diameter and stick it into the spine.
What left is coloring, and the sword is about done.riven j It will take a couple of more days to have the Battle Bunny Riven costume available, but we’ve

already got many League of Legends cosplays ready at miccostumes. You won’t miss out.



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