How To Make Fate Stay Night Archer Wig For Cosplay

If you watched the Fate Stay Night, you will be impressed by Archer, he is such a charming male character in the series and it is so cool to have him as a Servant. We shared a tutorial for making his twin swords, now we are dealing with the wig styling!

archerA contrast picture of the original wig and finished one:Archer wig

Let’ s get started.

Here is a basic silver wig we got, lay it on the dummy head and cut the extra long part as pictured, it will later serves as the padding hair.wiga

Part the wig in the middle; you can see the hair layers.

Turn each layer of hairs backward as the follow picturewigb

Iron at the root, then it will look like this:wigc

Repeat the last step till you’re done with all the hairswig D

Glue a layer of hairs along the red line.

Done with that, make the bang backward similarly.wig e

Add some glue to keep it stay in shape. Make the hairs at two sides backward too.wig f

Now, we will take care of the special hair line of Archer.

Attach some hair along the blue line, and style it as we marked with red line.WIG G

Keep filling in the templeswig h

The wig is in general shape.

Take it off the dummy head and cut the edges accordingly.WIG I

Do not get too excited, still some work to do.

Follow the red mark, trim hairs at the back of head.wig j

Compared to the character hair style, it misses some spikes.

The hair at the back is too thin, cannot style, so we need to glue some hairs on.wig k

Add spare hairs layer by layer. wig l

It will turn out like this

And create some spikes as the red mark.wig m

Now we are finishing it!wigNwig o

You can find  Archer costume as well as other Fate Stay Night cosplays at

Here is a Rin Tohsaka shot for you, cosplayer Megan Coffey, costume and wig from Miccostumes.16905037_1322229481148950_8090286938205702482_o


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