How to Make Fate Stay Night Archer Twin Swords For Cosplay

The Archer, also known as the Archer-class Servant, acts as a Counter Guardian in Fate Stay Night.

And the “married” twin swords named Kanshou and Bakuya are his favored weapons and have become his symbols.

Cosplay Archer with these blades, how cool is that!

What’s more cool than that is to make them by yourself. Let’s get it real and learn how to build this.

Fate a

Main material:

  1. 5mm thick EVA sheet
  2. 2mm thick EVA sheet
  3. PVC tube of 20mm diameter
  4. Hot melt glue gun
  5. Art knife
  6. Polishing paper
  7. Glue
  8. Acrylic paint,
  9. Red and white ochre
  10. Black and white paint spraying

Step one, outline the blade shape on a piece of paper, then cut along the line to get a paper pattern.

Trace the pattern on 5mm thick EVA sheet.Fate b

Fate cStep two, cut the EVA pattern.

Be careful at this part, chances are that  you can hurt yourself.

Two EVA pieces for each blade, so there should be 4 patterns in total.

If you are good at using knife,you can bevell and it will be easier when later gluing.fate iStep three is to create the hilt.

To strengthen the blade, we will implant a PVC tube, so the tube length needed is the hilt with the  addition of  build-in part.Fate eThen, deal with curved part of hilt.

Make sure the whereabouts and warm it up with a lighter. When it gets soft, bend it with your hands.Fate kStep four, glue the EVA patterns with PVC tube.

Next, figure details on the blade.

The black one has hexagonal graphic patterns. To achieve this,carve with a pencil or knife, and below  is what we gotFate fWhen done with the figure carving, brush it several times with white latex. Paint sparing after it dried.Fate lApply some red acrylic paint to the hexagonal graphic with a brush.

The last step is to make hilt cover and  Tai Ji design with 2mm thick EVA sheets.

To make the color looks better, apply some gloss oil if you like.Fate mYou can hardly defeat your enemy with empty hands, so fight with a weapon.

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