How To Make Devil May Cry Nero Red Queen For Cosplay

What is Red Queen? The best battle companion a swordsman could wish for!

Here we will show you how to create this powerful sword for Devil May Cry Nero cosplay.

Devil may cry

Main materials are 3mm and 5mm thick EVA sheets, art knife, PVC tubes of 2.5cm and 1.5cm diameters, glue and paints.

We will deal with the basic blade and hilt making first and then deal with the deccorative designs.

For your reference, the finished sword is about 1.3 meters long with 13 cm blade wideth.

Firstly, draw the blade shape on a piece of paper and trace it on EVA sheets.

Cut along the line and duplicate.

At the same time, create the notch as pictured

nero cBevell at edges, bend the shape end of blade, plug the notch with the help of glue.

Then bellow is what you’ll get:nero e

nero fMake two blade pieces identically

nero g

Glue the two pieces together and implant the smaller tune in at the same time.
The bigger tube will connect to the smaller one and serve as the hilt

nero hCut an EVA strip of around 2.5cm wideth and use it as the seal to fix the gap between two blade pieces. nero i

nero jNext, we will deal with the hilt.
4 round EVA pieces for the basic decorative pattern.
Be aware of  the order to locate them, and 2 more EVA donuts to cover the side faces.

nero k

nero lnero mThe switch design on the hilt.
Prepare a iron wire, and wrap it with EVA strips. Then make a EVA box with iron wire glued tightly inside.
Join the piece with hilt as the picture below

nero mnero n

Then draw the figures and cut them off.

Glue the figure pieces on, and wrap the handle with EVA sheet to resemble a leather look.

nero onero pThe hilt part is done, here is how it looks like to assemble all small pieces together.nero q

Next is about the figures on the blade.

Cut two EVA pieces as the following shape, bevell at edges.nero r2 bramble piecesnero sThen deal with another decorative piece, bulge it upnero tnero u

This whole piece is to be glued onto the blade. Check out the whereabout.

nero v

Now more detail about the airvent design at the spine.
Similarly, draw the shape first and cut. Glue them the way as picturednero x

nero yThen Glue them on to the blade spine.

Seal the gap at the side with EVA pieces.

nero zqueen aAnd we are finishing all the shape building! What’s next is coloring.queen b

Paint all the parts seperately, or you may mess up at the final step.nero cosplay

Such a cool sword, right? You will feel proud of yourself when you are done with it.

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