How to Make Cloud Strife Armor–Final Fantasy VII Remake

Do not get too excited on the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, we are presenting  the FF 7 Cloud Strife armor for cosplay! It is time to get real,and let’s see how they were developed.

Generally, the full set Cloud armor includes 2 forearm bracers and a pauldron. Firstly, we start  from the basic pattern making for the shoulder pad. The pauldron is equipped on Cloud’s left shoulder, keep this in mind and begin drawing the outline of the shoulder piece. Here pencil and EVA sheet are used.

After done with the drawing, Cut along the lines and glue along the curved edges.

CloudThen, carefully glue the 2 pieces together from the middle and what we get is a basic pattern for shoulder armor as pictured:

Could Final FantasyFinal fantasy VII Next big step is to finish the decorative figures of the shoulder piece. Similarly, draw design for the pattern and cut accordingly. Glue the two ends of each figure piece together as following photos.

Final Fantasy VII RemakeCloud StrifeIt’s getting obvious what we gonna to do next, of course glue the figure patterns to the basic shoulder piece. High five! We are nearly half way to finish the pauldron.

Final Fantasy CloudCould armorNext, take care of the details. Choose a suitable tri-glide and some rivets to glue them on the pattern. At this step, you’d better to take out a character image to follow and avoid any position mistakes.

Cloud cosplayWell, time to move to the paint spraying! Any prop makers would be familiar with this process, let’s save some words. After completing the metallic coloring, glue a 1cm thick hexagon to the spot where the screw patterns should go.

Cloud cosplay armorFinally, fix the screw design and we are done with pauldron process. It looks great, right?

Final fantasyNow we can get down to the left forearm bracer part. Prepare yourself some patience and set about EVA strips cutting. Make a basic pattern first and glue the thickest strips to it like the following photo.There after, add the figure patterns to the  thickest strip and a layer of thin pattern on the inner side.

strifecosplay final fantasy16 column EVA patterns are needed,  glue them orderly to the bracer surface and then color it metallic.

tutorial cosplayAs to the right forearm bracer, cut 2 long strips and glue the two ends together in to a circle, then add 8 circular patterns. Afterwards, we are getting the arm bracer in shape.

cloud cosplay bracercloud bracerColor it metallic and air it for some time, all the Cloud Strife Armor now has accomplished.

Wanna be the master of the illusionary world? Cosplay Cloud Strife right now before the Remake edition release!

In addition to the Cloud Strife armor, Cammy White gloves from Street Fighter V, One Punch Man Genos cyborg arm  and Edward Elric automail arm from Fullmetal Alchemist are also available at Miccostumes.





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