How to Make an Ann Takamaki Phantom Thief Cosplay Mask by Hand


When talking about Ann Takamaki from Persona 5, compared with her as an ordinary student, I believe most of us would prefer her as a Phantom Thief who is more lively and energetic. And the skin tight red catsuit worn with that matching red panther mask is really beautiful and sexy. Here we are providing a step-by-step tutorial of how to make an Ann Takamaki Phantom Thief cosplay mask by hand.

Material: the mask mold, brush, liquid resin, electric sander, abrasive paper, paint, hot melt glue, elastic band, a piece of sponge.

Step1. Brush the liquid resin on the mask mold evenly, and you’d better slather more resin on it to make it thicker, coz later you’ll need to burnish it.
Step2. Demold. After a while when the liquid resin becomes solid, remove it from the mold. Here your Panther Ann Takamaki Cosplay Mask starts to take shape.


Step3. Pare off the irregular edge with the electric sander, and burnish the surface with the abrasive paper until it is smooth enough.

Step4. Paint it. Spray the paint on the mask evenly and roundly.
Step5. After the paint is dry, glue the elastic band to the mask. You’d better glue some pieces of sponge inside the mask as well, which will make the mask more comfortable to wear.





After all the steps above, congrats that you get your DIY Panther Ann Takamaki Cosplay Mask! Just put on your Panther Ann Takamaki Phantom Thief Cosplay Costume, wear your new-made mask, show off to your friends, and get ready to be praised!

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