How to Make a Prosthetic Hand for Your Cosplay — Here are 5 Ways

Early this week, I post a photo about prosthetic hand for Pandora Hearts Cheshire Cat Cosplay in our Facebook Page, more than 400 cosplayers click “Like” button to share it,really impressive! Sometimes we need to make prosthetic hand for cosplay if there are monster hands,so today I tried to do some home work to collect 5 ways to make prosthetic hand for your costume. Follow the steps below to make one for yourself!

1.Make a Prosthetic hand out of InstaMorph:

InstaMorph is an non-toxic, lightweight polyester thermoplastic can be used for props, masks, or other costume pieces for cosplay.Check some ideas here, you will know how to use instamorph to create your prosthetic hand:

Prosthetic hand for Pandora Hearts Cheshire Cat Cosplay from Savannh.

2.Make a Prosthetic hand by makeup:

If you want to make some scary fake wound (especially some zombie cosplay ideas) in your hand or make webbed hand etc, try to learn some basic makeup skills,check some example below:

fake wounds for <a title=

And sophielollipop also share her webbed Fingers SFX makeup tutorial

3.Make a Prosthetic hand out of Latex:

Latex can be resistant in a thin layer (2-3 mm) and can make the prosthetic  hand more flexible.Check this Mandarin Spawn cosplay tutorial from ShinjusWorkshop, you will know when and how to use latex to make some “monster hands”:

4.Make a Prosthetic hand out of Cardboard or PVC:

If you need your prosthetic hands to make some clever movement and finish some complicate work, you should try to make it using some Solid materials. Check this cool example from Ivan :

5. Make a Prosthetic hand out of 3D Print :

This maybe the easiest way but also the expensive way to make prosthetic hand, but I think in 2-3years, 3d print will be used to make most cosplay props and armors and cost less:

3D-Printed Prosthetic Hand Could Make Kids Feel Like Iron Man

So any other ideas to make prosthetic hand for cosplay, share your thought here!

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