How to Make A Medieval Dress by Hand?

Have you ever fantasized about experiencing medieval life in beautiful dresses? While a lot of people are fascinated by medieval dresses, few add them to their closet. Bernadette Banner (who you can find on Instagram here) has more than just a few. Most importantly, all are finished by hand.

Bernadette Banner, a costume historian, regularly posts on Instagram documenting the process of designing and making clothes. Open her Instagram page as you open an old photo album. Her representative work is a red medieval dress, inspired by the painting Saint George Slaying the Dragon (Jost Haller, c. 1450).

So how to make a medieval dress? Let’s take a look at the tutorial that Bernadette Banner shared with us.

Step 1. Make the sample garment with white grey cloth, and shape the dress after modification.

Step 2. Choose red wool blend as the main fabric. You may have noticed that Bernadette used quills and ink to draw lines on the fabric.

Step 3. Cut and sew. The main part of the dress is stitched up first.

Step 4. Try it on for the first time and make small adjustments according to the situation.

Step 5. Refine the details, and sew the sleeves on the dress. Note that the cuff part is made of another color fabric.

Tips: Ball buttons are made of silk thread.

Step 6. Add some embellishments to the dress, medieval dress DIY is done!

This middle ages dress took almost two months. Although there are some changes and improvements in the design, the overall style is very similar to the original in the painting. With old fashioned hair and makeup, Bernadette looks like a princess walking out of a painting.

How to sew a medieval dress? Bernadette Banner shows us the operation steps. This page just give you some brief introduction rather than the whole content of the steps. For more information, visit Bernadette’s Instagram.

Of course, if you think it takes too long to make, or you don’t like manual labor, please turn to Miccostumes. This official destination carries a full line of medieval costumes, medieval dresses and medieval chemises. Well, that’s all for today. See you later.


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