How To Make A Bat-like Cape With A Hood

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capeWhat you will need for creating a hooded cape:

-Some fabric you like, from black to violet, but always dark!
-A chalk pencil.
-Some kind of hood to take the shape from.
-A pencil.
-Some scrap of paper.
-A ruler (not pitcured, ops!) cape bStart of with your fabric folded.
We’re doing a half a circle, so we need only 1 fold to do it.
If you fold it 2 times, you will have a whole circle!cape dTake your chalk pencil and mark 15-20 cm starting from the corner of the folded fabric with small dots,  forming  a quarter of a circle.
Pay attention not to move around the ruler, or you will lose the center!

cape e

Now do the same, but with your desided lengt of the cape!
I choose about 50 from the corner of the circle.
Trace roughly both of the line, connecting the dots you made!cape fCut it out now!
And leave at least 1 cm for sew allowance. This is what you will get.
Hem the outer circle and the straight lines! cape gNow, take your hood and trace it on paper!
I used 3 A4 sheet  pasted together with some tape, to have enough space for it.cape hCut the paper out and trace the shape onto the same fabbric of the cape with the chalk pencil!cape icape jCut the hood out.
Try to leave 1 cm for sew allowance here too! cape kSew the hood togheter, then hem the straight line here too!cape lTurn it inside-out and you should have something like this!cape mNow, sew the hood to the semicirle:
match the center of the hood with the center of the semicirle and pin it in place. Sew it.

In the end you should have something like this! cape nTo make the bat shape, fold the left over fabric near the hood into a triangle, pin it, and sew it flat. If needed cut of the excess fabric! cape oIn the end you should have something like this!
A hooded cape with some big wings.
If you want you can leave of the triangular shape and have a normal circular cape instead!



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