How To Create Fate Stay Night Saber Braid Bun Hairstyle For Cosplay

Every cosplayer knows the importance of the hair style to complete a cosplay, we will focus on Saber’s braid bun. We’ll teach you step by step of how to style it.  Here we used a long blond wig, if you have such real hair, then use your own and save the money to buy a wig. 

Firstly part the hair in 3 portions and use a hair band to get a tail as pictured.saber-a

Evenly divide the tail hair and twistsaber-bThen combine the two branches and tie it up to get the basic bun.saber-cDo not free your hand when tying, and then fix the bun with hair pins.

Next, make the left braid, twin it around the bun.saber-dSimilarly, fasten the braid tail with hair pins, and move on taking care of another side.saber-e

Twine the right side braid around the bun and we are almost done with it.

Remember to put on the silk ribbon.saber-f

Everyone can do it by following the steps. Pretty easy, right?

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(Rin by Megan Coffey, cosplay from Miccostumes )14115453_1404965936185725_7982342208998457773_o

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