How to Chose a Zelda Link Costume For Your Kids


Zelda Link cosplay is also a really hot cosplay idea for your cute kids! In our Link cosplay buyer guide , I have introduce the best Link costume pattern for kids, so in this article, I want to focus other more details.

According to your budget , there are several ways to complete Zelda Link kid cosplay:

1. Budget $70-$100:

Using the costume pattern from Four Swords,The Wind Waker,Four Swords Adventures and The Minish Cap:


Custom made costume with the same belt buckle as the game, light weight Link sword and shield special made for kids , and also don’t forget the elf ear.


2.Budget $40-$70:


Using the kid elf costume instead of the Link costume, I recommend you can make a belt buckle like the one in zelda game.



And also actually Link looks like peter pan, so peter pan’s kid costume  ( more cheap than the elf kid costume ) can be easily rework as Link kid costume as well. If you can not find any kid Link costume to satisfy your request, get a peter pan’s costume and modify it yourself will be a good choice.You should re-make the green hat and the costume cuff , and also get a light green tee shirt inside.

3.Low budget but enough time & craft work

If you don’t have much budget for the costume but still wanna get more feature of the kid Link costume, I really recommend you to make the costume yourself. The best kid Link costume is always being made by the parents themselves, you can spend $10 around to get the best kid Link cosplay, there are some good examples:

windwaker_link_and_aryll___front_by_sabathamk-d5klw50wind_waker_link_and_aryll__back__by_sabathamk-d5klvhvCosplay from Sabathamk ‘s kid, I like the shield made by herself ,materials cost $1, and another $1.44 for the foam sword which being bought at superstore. For the Link costume pattern, you can find it at here,and you don’t need to make the Link shirt inside just get a normal green Tee for your kid will be ok.

And if you want to make the easiest kid Link costume, please focus to finish the Link costume belt set, then get green T shirt and shorts for your kids, then bingo! Check these two examples below:



Also if you are making Link costume for your small baby, please follow this Kid Link costume pattern ,but you’d better have some basic knitting skill.




Got inspired? There are two more suggestions:

  1. Don’t buy or make any Link sword & shield by metal or even wood,these swords could hurt your kids and other people easily.
  2. Try to make kid link cosplay yourself, not matter only he hat or a small kid belt, you will get really happy from the process.




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