How To Choose Right Animes To Cosplay

Note: People can cosplay any animes they like, this simple article just wanna explain some basic information to help you cosplay better, XD.

photo from NeferetIchigo

It’s believed that a majority of cosplay fans have their favorite cosplay animes that they want to impersonate in any case. But do those characters really fit you? It’s of great importance to choose a right role for your cosplay. You will perform much better in this case. And on the contrary, you will not perfectly play if not choosing the right role, even though some remedies can be made. Undesirable eye contact and criticism from people around you may throw to you. Actually speaking, you should be psychologically prepared for this before going up onto the platform.

Now, let’s discuss how to choose the right cosplay characters here. Firstly, focus on cosplay boys. Pay attention to your figure. As long as the size and proportion of your body shape are similar with the imitated character’s, you will look great if accessories on the costume are not too rough or absurd. Boys always meet lots of suitable roles whatever their figures look like, which is much more beneficial than girls. Then, be conscious when it comes to some details such as verve, facial form, etc. After all, an urbane boy will always seem less powerful if impersonating a mighty role. You will show a wonderful performance if ideally dealing with these aspects.

Then, when it comes to cosplay girls, body shape is still the first matter you should notice. While choosing cosplay costumes, girls always face more choices. Some suits expose most of body parts. Thus, it’s much better to make sure merits and demerits on your body before choosing the clothes. Girls who do not have ideal leg shapes can choose longer skirts or trousers. Girls with plump figures can choose costumes that do not make your body largely exposed. These rules also make sense when we choose daily clothes. And in cases when you don’t choose the right cosplay role, make-up, cosplay wigs and other accessories will be helpful. Also, these methods can help girls imitate verve to seem more appealing or similar. For example, heavy makeup can be used while impersonating some gorgeous roles. This is an advantage for girls.

Finally, pay attention to the issue of cross-cosplay. It is common to see girls cosplay as boys. Because of delicate face lines, girls always show us excellent performances while impersonating male roles. All girls can try this once finding a suitable anime. Sometimes, people just aim to make fun while cosplay a heterosexual role. But some of them are really earnest to show girls’ verve. As cross-cosplay is not so popular in Taiwan, some people can not totally accept it. Thus, even though nobody invites you to photograph or criticism is received, you should be psychologically prepared. It does not mean your cosplay is not supported. This is just caused by diverse acceptability levels held by different people. And audiences are suggested to send performers more encouragements when they are impersonating heterogenic roles. After all, a person deserves praising as long as he/she is brave to try this kind of performance!

To choose the right animes is of great importance for better cosplay. Then, have you been inspired from above words?


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