Hop Hop Hop into Easter 2020 with Cute Bunny Costumes

The world may be going through a difficult period but at least one thing is worth celebrating, the coming of Easter 2020. What a pity you may not be able to go out on this day due to various reasons. Or you prefer to stay home to spend this chocolatey holidays. Why not use the holiday to do something special?

Three artists have made sure they are ready for Easter in time, hopping into enchanting Easter bunny costumes. Thier excellent work demonstrate that you can do a significative thing without leaving your house – cosplay at home! Let’s have a look.

Kate hops into Battle Bunny Riven cosplay costume for Easter

Kate shared her Riven Bunny cosplay on Twitter in March, and it was quickly favored by many fans. In the vedio, she sits on the edge of the bed in a bunny outfit and poses lovely. Her bow tie is a perfect blend of white and black. The white and pink bunny ears are just the icing on the cake.

VanessaLeighCos hops into Lucina Bunny costume in time

VanessaLeighCos did a fantastic job of showing off Bunny Lucina cosplay on her Instagram page. People were attracted to her smile of great sweetness.With a cute bunny girl costume and a power pose, she is squatting in the grass. One implication: use balcony or garden to complete your cosplay.

CaptainBunnie has an Easter Bunny cosplay on Reddit

As CaptainBunnie illustrates here, a simple rabbit pajama can also bring you a amazing Easter cosplay. You might decide that for her cosplay, the bunny onesie is most important, since pink means sweet, charming and cute. In fact, her makeup also meet with bucket loads of praise. One suggestion, put yourself on a beautiful make-up when cosplay at home.

Well, three cosplayers are ready. So what about you? Make sure you have your bunny costumes ready for the coming Easter 2020 celebrations! Miccostumes stocks a wide range of Easter costumes. Try them on, if needed. That’s all blog today, see you next time.


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