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Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart Contest

Artist Bio:
Name : Ninaiso
Gender : Female
Nationality: America
Social Networks: Deviantart, Tumblr

I first started watching/reading Hetalia back in March of last year I think. I first came across many cosplay photos and fanart of the characters and was quite curious. Since then I was hooked. I just adore the personalities of the countries and how they interact. As a lover of history, the historical hints of many different events as well as characters of forgotten countries (Prussia anyone?) really made me happy. Simply put, Hetalia is a funny show and comic about personified countries that will always keep you laughing. It’s so rare for me to find a show that makes me laugh from start to finish and Hetalia is one of them.
I recently started drawing fanart for the show, since I’ve only been drawing for two years and I mostly draw animals. As I’ve grown more confident with drawing humans I’ve been sketching lots of fanart. It’s so fun for me to draw the characters and see my ideas come to life. I love art very much and I’m so happy I can draw fanart for such a wonderful show.
I’m hoping to win a cosplay outfit since I lack the funding to purchase one right now and I’ve always wanted to go to my local cons finally dressed up as one of my favorite characters.


Let’s enjoy Fanarts of Ninaiso’s!

1. American Stars

Comments from the artist: My first Hetalia fanart drawn back in April of last year. America looking at the stars. Seems half of his heart is there but where’s the other…? This half way inspired by a dream I had. I did this with a pencil.

2. Independence Fireworks

Comments from the artist: Drawn for the 4th of July last year. It’s been a dream of mine to see fireworks like that. Drawn in GIMP

3. Britain in the Stars

Comments from the artist: Drew this while listening to Written in the Stars. Half inspired by the first one above. Drawn in GIMP

4. How Should I Feel?

Comments from the artist: Drew this while listening to Monster by Meg & Dia. I was thinking about the Revolutionary War. That comic strip and the episode have to be my most favorite. A rare serious moment that was very touching. Made me tear up.
This is actually my first time using Paint Tool SAI and I did it all on one layer as a challenge. It was quite fun.

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