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Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart Contest

Artist Bio:
Name : Nicky Yang
Gender : Female
Nationality: American and Spanish

Me(left) Sister(Right) Other sister was camera shy. Also my sisters dog Sandy in the middle.

I am 13 years. now I think i’m too young to be watching this, I think and I really wanted to sign up for this because I am OBSESSED with Hetalia. I have never cosplayed before but I really want to so I can go To AnimeNEXT in June. One day I went to school with Italy’s curl by putting gel on and started talking to my teachers in a Italian accent it was very funny! I have been seeing Hetalia since 2008 because of english subtitles I have really Enjoyed the show! I have been drawing people or Chibi characters for as long as I can remember. I tell my teachers “Hetalia is the future” but just looked at me confused because they don’t know what Hetalia is and I secretly have a mini white flag with me that I made in my pocket . Well that’s enough of me. Here are my recent drawings!


Let’s enjoy Fanarts of Nicky’s!

1. America

Comments from the artist: This is America all fancy but serious. If you look at the right were his neck is you’ll see July 4th Remember. This is drawn by pencil and paper no editing.

2. Holy Roman Empire x Chibitalia

Holy Roman Empire x Chibitalia
Comments from the artist: This is Holy Roman Empire x Chibitalia it speaks for itself but I got to give some credit to my step sister (who was too lazy to sign up for this)For drawing HRE hat so Perfectly. This picture is worth a thousand words. Used: Le old pencil and notebook paper.

3. England

Comments from the artist: This was random. My friend and I were bored she drew her picture. I drew mine. Thus, Drunk England was born! Used: (guess) PENCIL and PAPER

4. Northern Italy

Northern Italy
Comments from the artist: This is Northern Italy smiling being all happy staring at you. It took me ONE WHOLE WEEK! but worth it. This has been the best drawing I have ever done. I hope this becomes your favorite too.~ Most of my drawings take one whole day or 2 but I put effort into this one.

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  1. El dibujo de mi Nicole esta muy lindo se le felicita porque es muy habil y tiene mucha capacidad……
    Tu prima Clau Abrazos

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