Hetalia Fanart Contest – La Tobba


Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart Contest

Artist Bio:
Name : La Tobba
Gender : Female
Nationality: Italian
Social Networks: Deviantart, Tumblr

Ok, what do I have to say…I started to read hetalia such long time ago that I don’t even remember.At first I was disappointed because it was making fun of my poor country but some time later I tried to watch the anime and I’ve fallen in love with it. This is how hetalia became my obsession. Now I draw mostly Spamano fanart which is my favorite couple, the bad friends trio and scenes from roleplays with my friends.


Let’s enjoy Fanarts of La Tobba’s!

1. The best friends are the bad ones

Comments from the artist: The bad fem trio. I love drawing those three girls, including their outfits. I used photoshop for this picture but I’ve made the lineart with the pencil.

2. Fantastique+awesome+caliente

Comments from the artist: Bad friends trio and bad fem trio because I can’t choose which version in the best .Again with photoshop ad pencils

3. Good life

Comments from the artist: Pencils and photoshop. These are all the characters played in our rpg.

4. Domani

Comments from the artist: Spain and Romano. Photoshop. The song in the title and in the picture is the one written and singed by different italian singers for the earthquake of 2009 in Abruzzo, Italy that i find very fitting for spamano.

5. Painting Flowers

Comments from the artist: Hungary and Prussia. Another couple I love.Watercolours and photoshop.

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