Hetalia Fanart Contest – Anneke Wenemoser


Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart Contest

Artist Bio:
Name : Anneke Wenemoser
Gender : Female
Nationality: Netherlands

My name is Anneke Wenemoser and a I’m eighteen years old girl from the Netherlands.
My sister is a huge fan of hetalia and she was always watching it on the internet and then she started drawing it.
It looked like fun to me so I decided to watch it too, and now I’m kinda obsessed with it too, not as bad as she, but still.
I can’t draw that well, but I just like to do it. And what’s better than to combine drawing and hetalia?
So that’s why I would like to join this contest.


Let’s enjoy Fanarts of Anneke’s!

1. China

Comments from the artist: This is China. I drew it because I think he’s the hottest character in the series. I drew this with pencil.

2. Poland

Comments from the artist: This is Poland, and here he’s calling a friend and he’s all like ‘oh my god, like totally’. Also drawn with a pencil.

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