Guest post – How to Make Your Very Own Clopin Mask

This tutorial is made by canadian-rainwater from She is a cosplayer and also an amazing artist. You should check her out. With her approval, I’d like to share this tutorial with our friends here. The characters maybe a little tiny and blurry, you can check the original enlarged infographic here, or, here’s the text below.

How to Make Your Very Own Clopin Mask

A comprehensive guide to how I made my clopin mask. by the (only?) Clopin cosplayer in singapore.

This is by no means the only way to make his mask. This is just how I’ve done it.

Before we begin. here are some materials to get a hold of:

Pink Paint

PVA Glue (make sure it dries clear! I will not be held accountable for foggy masks !)



Glitter(oh heck yes)



Gold Lining

Basic plastic Half-Face mask (If your local art shop doesn’t have these. try a fabric/ arts-and-crafts store)

stiff paper(not cardboard)

1.The first thing I do is replace the elastic. Usually these mask bases come with a thin white band. but to make sure it doesn’t snap under the extra weight I remove it and add my own.

Because my hair is black I use black elastic. Staple it to the mask. we’ll cover it up later.

IMPORTANT:   make sure the mask doesn’t get in the way of your hat! My first mask was too tall and I couldn’t pull the hat down properly onte my head.
…In fact that’s the primary reason I’m making it again.

2. You’ll notice clopin’s mask covers his entire nose. most “real” masks leave the bottom of the nose free. but if you’re a perfectionist like me then you’ve got to make your life more difficult…

…So begin measuring your nostrils and start cutting up that stiff paper to make a nose worthy of the title of clopin! (Tip: I wer the bottom of my nose smooshed it against the paper.and then traced around the watermark)

Tape the extra parts to the mask base. Don’t worry if it looks messy. we’ll cover it all up later. (You may want the help of a mirror for this step.)
When you’re done the mask should look something like this.

3. Now the fun begins! (That was sarcasm…)

I’m too lazy to bother measuring and mixing proper papier-mache glue. Instead Iwater down some PVA/white glue.

Once you’re happy with the mask begin papier-mache-ing over it. Cover the staples and the loose ends of the elastic. It won’t snap so easily anymore!

Once you’re done your desk shoule be a royal mess … I mean. The mask will begin to look like this.

Completed papier-mache

Ler it dry!

To make sure the mask stays concave I like to take precautions. Weigh down the ends of the mask as it dries.

Shoop-da-woop! We’re getting there!

4. Painting time! Woo-hoo!!

Whip out that tube of ridiculously pink paint and get crackin!

As with the mache. I like to mix the paint with a bit of water and PVA glue. It makes the paint stick really well and adds a slight gloss. (Tip: If you ever find yourself needing to paint onto plastic.mix the paint with PVA glve. It won’t wash off.)

Add the first layer of paint and let it dry…

…Add then add a second layer.

Keep adding layers and let it dry in-between applications of paint. (Tip:If you want to paint the inside of the mask you don’t have to add as many layers .make sure to add a finishing coat of PVA, gloss, or any other sealant of some kind when you’re done. however. other wise the paont will wipe off onto your face if you sweat.)

Add as many layers of paint as you tiink you need. The more coats you apply. the smoother the surface of the mask becomes and the texture of the mache less prominent.

Make sure you have something to do while it dries..

5. It’s dry! Woohoo!!

For the last coat. mix some glitter with water and PVA. I use red glitter to make the effect more subtle.

DON’T ADD TOO MUCH GLITTER!! Clopin’s gaudy enough as it is. we don’t need to encourage him.

Clopon’s mask doesn’t have glitter in the film. This step is optional. Personally I prefer addingjust a hint of glitter to make his mask resemble Venetian camival masks. It alst makes it more interesting.

6. And now for the final step!

Time for the gold lining!

For the trim on his mask I prefer using gold (what is that…lace?) which you should be able to get from any basic fabric store.

You could probably opt to paint on the gold using glitter glue. but I think it would be messy. The lining stands out more .

Glue it onto the edge of the mask using super Glue but work A BIT AT A TIME. Leave the glue to set for a few seconds. clamped down using clothespins. and make sure it’s dry before moving on!!
(I do not recommend holding it to dry with your hands. The glue will stick to your fingers and it will be a nightmare to clean off. TRUST ME.)

Bonus Tutorial! Oh you lucky ducks!

While that’s setting I thought I’d show you all how I make his beard as well. since I’ve gotten lots of inquiries about it. It’s actually really easy…

1. Consult a mirror and skerch out the basic shape of his stylish goatee.

2. Cut out said sketch and use it as a template. Place it on the faux fur and cut out the shape. (make sure the direction of the fur is facing down. or else you’ll have abackwards beard!!)

3.You should now have yourself the makings of clopin’s fine facial hair!

It’s that easy.

Trim off any excess fur until you get it looking right by your eyes…

*Note: There are several ways to attach the beard. At first I ustd double-sided fabric tape but it doern’t stick well to the favx fur and begins to some apart as you sweat. I’d recommend eydlash glve or a similar costume glue but make sure you apply it SPARINGLY! It works. Very.Well.