Guest post: Cosplay Makeup Tutorial-Snake scales

snake scales cosplay tutorial

Do you remember our cosplay tutorial about How to Make Fake Wounds For Cosplay-Scars And Scratches , Today we will show you another amazing cosplay makeup tutorial by Nanu from Deviantart. It’s nice of her to do this for cosplayers. With Nanu’s approval, I’d like to share it with our friends here.

Equipment needed:
– two shades of nail polish (white and silver)
– base make-up (in this case very light cream)
– white powder
– eye-liner(liquid and pen)
– lash-glue(not in pic)
– plastic fake-nails

Painted and cut nails. Remember to make the pieces small enough. If they are too big, it doesn’t look convincing. Depending on your character, you can change the colour, but I recommend white as the base.

Put the base make-up on. At this point you should also put the shadings if required. To make your appearence more cold/wet you can mix a hint on white to your foundation/powder and add it to above your eye-brows, nose and cheekbones. (I skipped this,since I was only testing)

Start adding the scales. Just put a bit of the glue to a nail-piece and stick it to your skin. Instead of starting from low and going up, I started from middle.This way it is much easier to see how the result will be. It also makes the surface appear more scaly, since the pieces are lifted a bit when you add pieces under tham.

Add more scales, try to keep the shape of the scaled place irregular, but also keep in mind that snake and fish-scales usually are horizontally and certically in liner. (You should google referance-pictures.)

Another scale-spot. You can see the scale-color is few shades darker than my skin color. You can always try to match the shades if you want to, it’s easier if you go green, blue or black…or something darker.

And ta-dah! I added some eye-liner to my eyes, added some random wig and i’m semi-presentable snake/emo. Depending on your personal likings, you can add more scaled-spots, add some to your hands, chest and such. I let them be for about an hour, just to test how well they stay. You can live quite normally with those on (even eat, drink and smoke!) Removing was also painless operation (but then again, I’m not very hairy person, and I didn’t try adding them to my hands tec …so I recommend shaving before you decide to play snake.)

Author bio: This tutorial is made by Nanu, a cosplayer from Finland. You can visit her at