Miccostumes Easter Egg Hunt & Cosplay Deals

1. Easter Egg Hunt

Miccostumes has hidden some Easter eggs at every product page! Big suprises await, go and seek!

Period: April 16th 2017


1. A free cosplay

2.  10%-30% off discounts

3.  $5-$10 cash coupons

How to hunt:  Please visit any product page of Miccostumes website: mobile version / PC version . When you find the egg, smash it and imput your email address to get the prize. Usually the prize is sent in 48 hours. And please note that you can only use your email address once.彩蛋fb广告_01

2. Limited Edition Easter Eggs (FB)


Three different eggs of limited quantity will be offered at different times on Miccostumes Facebook.

  1. SUPER Eggs:  released in 12:00 am, April 16th

Prize:  50$ gift card, 2 winners

       2. FREE Eggs: released in 12:00pm, April 16th

Prize: Free shipping service,  2 winners

        3. SALE Eggs: released in 9:00pm, April 16th

Prize: 20% off coupon, 5 winners

How to enter:  Like and comment below each post, we will randomly select winners.

Remember to set your clock, and refer to Los Angeles time please.eggEGG


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