Daily Cosplay – Code Geass Kallen Stadtfeld Cosplay

Code Geass Kallen Stadtfeld Cosplay

Red hair, red lips and red cosplay costume…nobody can deny she is irresistibly appealing. This is Italian girl YurikoTiger’s Code Geass Kallen Stadtfeld cosplay performance. I try to find more pictures on this theme in her Deviantart gallery. But still, I feel fascinated about this one. YurikoTiger is a devotee for cosplay, Japan, gothic Lolita, harajuku, anime & manga and Asia. Except this one, I was totally caught by her alluring Sheryl Nome cosplay displayed at her homepage. It seems like so easy for her to complete a sexy appearance. To better know her, just keep updated about information we post later :P.


I’m also a devotee for cosplay. To do well in this performance art, I’m interested in hunting for funny, gorgeous or fantastic pictures. From these breathtaking works and interviews done by cosplay talents, I always get inspired.