Daily Cosplay – Black Rock Shooter Yomi Takanashi Cosplay

Black Rock Shooter Yomi Takanashi Cosplay

Lycorisa – the pretty American girl, does a breathtaking Black Rock Shooter Yomi Takanashi cosplay here! It seems like there is no word that can express her appeal. The black-and-white uniform makes her white complexion seem so great! I so love her real hair. Probably, I will never find another Yomi Takanashi cosplay girl more charming than he. Many other stunning cosplay works are shown in her gallery. Don’t be hesitant to take a look. Finally, I also believe in your personal quote: hard work is the magic that turns dreams into reality! Thanks very much, Lycorisa :P.


I’m also a devotee for cosplay. To do well in this performance art, I’m interested in hunting for funny, gorgeous or fantastic pictures. From these breathtaking works and interviews done by cosplay talents, I always get inspired.