Daily Cosplay – One Piece Jewelry Bonney Cosplay

One Piece Jewelry Bonney Cosplay
Today we find an Italian beauty for you. Her name is Miss Snape on DA. Her real name is Valentina. She lives in a small town of on Tuscany’s Coast. Besides singing and fandub, she shows big interested in cosplay and manga. Here is her One Piece Jewelry Bonney cosplay. Stunning? For more cosplay pictures you can visit her gallery.


I’m also a devotee for cosplay. To do well in this performance art, I’m interested in hunting for funny, gorgeous or fantastic pictures. From these breathtaking works and interviews done by cosplay talents, I always get inspired.

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  1. Yeah! this is my girfriend, so thank for that space for her in your blog! i love so much her Bonnie cosplay, more than mine of Trafalgar Law!

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