Couple Cosplay Contest – Win Your Valentine’s Day Gifts

Couple Cosplay

Clarification: Since Facebook won’t show the detailed poll number when the vote is over 1000, we will consider 1K as 1000, 2K as 2000, 3K as 3000 and so on. We will be deeply grateful for your understanding ;).

Since the Valentine’s Day has been around the corner, have you gotten an inspiration on how to celebrate the romantic festival? Here, a cosplay contest inviting you and also your lover will be launched tomorrow. To win both of you free cosplay costumes, don’t be hesitant to join in our Couple Cosplay Contest in February now!

Theme: Couple Cosplay

Anybody, having a heterosexual or  isosexual partner, is welcomed to our contest. Send us your group cosplay photos and we will make a post for you. Via the article, everybody having a Facebook, Twitter or Google account will be able to vote for you. There will be One Couple to win out finally. And both of you will be sponsored with a free cosplay costume, which can be chosen in our store.

Time for the Contest

The contest will be launched at February 1 0:00 and end at February 28 24:00 (New York Time). We will announce the winners on February 29. So, application will be accepted from tomorrow.

Prize for Winner

Based on the contest theme, there will be 2 winners – a certain couple at last. And sure, people getting the highest polls will be winners. Both of them will be sponsored with a free cosplay costume. Any costume in our store can be chosen. In addition, we offer each participant 10% of coupon code too :D.

Update: Now, the prize has been updated. And there will be 3 couple winning out finally. The first couple will be sponsored with cosplay costumes and also get a free magazine from Love Cosplay Magazine! The second and also the third couple will also receive free magazines!

How to Join?

Send us your and your partner’s information listed below:

Name (yours and your partner’s. The same below)
Facebook (both of yours, the same below):
Other personal or social sites:
Make an introduction of you and your partner:

Your most satisfactory cosplay group photos – remember to send us group photos. Single photographs will not be accepted :(. Either hyperlinks for the photos or pictures directly are okay. But no more than 5 please and make a description for each photo. If you send us your facebook photo links, please do send us a facebook friend request also. Otherwise we cannot see your photos because of the privacy policy.

We invite each couple to make an interview. See answers below:

1.    How did you know this contest? Is it easy to join in or do you have any advice for it? Since there will be many other contests held here, which theme do you most expect to see later?
2.    What’s your favorite cosplay theme? And what’s your best cosplay performance?
3.    What do you think about cosplay? Share us something good and bad on this performance art in your opinion.
4.    We will be interested in knowing some difficulties you met while cosplay. And how did you overcome them?

After finishing this, send it to You will receive a reply from us within 1 working day.

How to get extra votes?

  • Take a photo with the placard, you will get extra 10 votes.
  • Post an article on any site you or your friends have. You will get extra 1 vote for each article. But 10 votes will be given at most, to make the contest absolutely fair, because some participants don’t have any blog or social site at all. If you won’t take the photo with the placard, you can also post more articles to get another extra 10 votes set on the photo. But the site you post should have been operated for some time. A newly registered account or site won’t be accepted. And only 1 vote will be given for articles on the same site.
  • Take a video, make a PPT etc. Once these are posted on a certain site, we can also offer you extra votes.

How to Vote?

After receiving above information provided by you, we will make a post for you on our blog and also send you the link. It’s above the article where everybody can vote for you via Like on Facebook, Twitter and Google, as long as they have an account on any or all of these 3 social sites. And this is the only place where people can vote for you. And only polls gotten here will be effective.

See all the participants here below:

Mason Monds and Shaina Glinski Suok Jiuan and Jeslyn HiiNero and LuceCosplayMaleny Intharath and Esmail MehrinfarTako and PeterrSyren and KirilJess L-S and Nick TNatsu and SaikeElena and Marco

To win your gift for the upcoming Valentine’s Day now :P?


I’m also a devotee for cosplay. To do well in this performance art, I’m interested in hunting for funny, gorgeous or fantastic pictures. From these breathtaking works and interviews done by cosplay talents, I always get inspired.

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