Couple Cosplay Contest – Fed and Fuecchan

Couple Cosplay Contest

Couple Cosplay Contest in February

Fed and Fuecchan

Bio of the Cosplayers:

Name Fed Fuecchan
Gender Female Female
Nationality Italian Italian
Facebook Fed Fuecchan
Deviantart starnie fuecchan
Tumblr starniee fuecchan
Self-introduction of the Cosplayers Hi guys!We are Fed and Fue ♥..We know each other from 2010 and our first impression about each other were these ones:
“OMG that girl is a fangirl!I want to kick her!” ( Fed first impression about Fue)
“Ah,she is so cold.” (Fue first impression about Fed)
In fact at the beginning we didn’t talk at the local cosplay events X°D
We can say we “quite” hated each other.But a day,when at an Hetalia day we started joking and doing stupid staff,we understood that we had a wrong idea of each other,so we start talking more and more. Now we have like a master ( Fed ) and slave/cat ( Fue ) relationship (like Yuuko and Watanuki from XXXHOLiC…More or less).Seriously, we are like two sisters,the big ( yandere seme) sister ( Fed ) and the little ( tsundere uke ) sister ( Fue ).Anyway we also share more passions other than cosplay: singing,drawing,roleplaying,dubbing and a little of fangirling about the couples of yaoi/shojo manga.~

Cosplay Performance of Fed and Fuecchan:

Fed & Fuecchan_4

Comments from the Cosplayers: About the first photo, I ( Fue ) think it’s one of our favorites because when we saw that scene in the anime / manga we immediately thought we had to do it, otherwise we coundn’t feel ourselves completely satisfied.
Especially because near my house there is a roof that resembles that one of where Ritsu and Takano took refuge from the rain. Obviously at first we trolled a little about it.
So we decided to present it here as our workhorse,trying to bring one of the most beautiful scenes in the manga!*_*

2 1

Comments from the Cosplayers: The second photo is a very natural sequence, we must admit, especially because in the first picture of the sequence, such result wasn’t calculated and it was very good though we didn’t expect it! Especially since the poor Ritsu’s head (Fue) it’s actually seen really bad, but anyway what is important is the result.
We admit that maybe it’s one of the best sequences full of feelings that we did, because it perfectly sums up the substance of the work of an unexpected love.

Here’s a simple interview:

Q: How did you know this contest? Is it easy to join in or do you have any advice for it? Since there will be many other contests held here, which theme do you most expect to see later?

We know about it from facebook and so we thought “Why don’t we join it?”.And so here we are, everything is explained well so we could join. We hope to see contest about Durarara and CLAMP’s series.(Yeah,we are clampfag )

Q: What’s your favorite cosplay theme? And what’s your best cosplay performance?

We haven’t a theme:we choose what heart tells us. ♥
Surely our best performance is about Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi series. We had so much fun ♥♥ (Fed) Ah god, maybe you did had fun, BUT NOT ME! tsk! *tsuntsun*(Fue)

Fed & Fuecchan_3

Q: What do you think about cosplay? Share us something good and bad on this performance art in your opinion.

Cosplay for us is a funny hobby that includes a little bit of art! In fact we think that a person can have a faboulous costume or make up, but if he hasn’t the “aura “, he fails. When persons try to make a good cosplay, they must be in character and have something in common with it ,so that “they can became really like it” in that moment. Other than the sentimental artistic view about cosplay , there is an other point of view : friendship. What cosplay makes fun is the possibility to know new people with you can talk about the same interests.
These is all the good though.
But there is the bad view.
The bad view about cosplay is only about “obsessed” cosplayers : people who put this nice hobby on their prerogatives and they think that everything other than cosplay is meaningless .
All these make that kind of people obsessed with the perfection and pride. And if you want to make their same cosplay, if they can , they would like to kick you with all their love for feeling theirselves pride of “being the only one X character” .
An other negative point of view is about the contests in the events: if these people don’t manage to win , they start making a big noise and accusing the jury of ” incompetence ” , ” prejudices ” , ” stupidity ” (other than gossiping about the winners). That’s a shame.
We think that a person must join a contest only to enjoy audiance and himself/herself.
You can call us ” ingenues ” , but for us the true spirit of cosplay is “to have fun” .

Q: We will be interested in knowing some difficulties you met while cosplay. And how did you overcome them?

Yeah , there are a lot of difficulties: trying to find and choose the right wigs , the right costumes, the right materials and the ways to made accessories or weapons. But this is a part of fun: overcome difficulties with all us!

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