Couple Cosplay Contest – AmaraSama and Dennasaur

Couple Cosplay Contest

Couple Cosplay Contest in February

AmaraSama and Dennasaur

Bio of the Cosplayers:

Name AmaraSama Dennasaur
Gender Female Female
Nationality U.S. U.S.

Amara Sama

Dennasaur Roar
Deviantart amarasama dennasaur-rawr
Tumblr amarasama dennasaur-rawr
Self-introduction of the Cosplayers We each began cosplaying at different times, and finally met officially in 2010. Near the end of 2010, our friendship became more (so much more ), and we began couple-cosplaying together–as a real couple. We each make our own cosplays, occasionally helping one another with the other’s props, wigs, etc. Choosing which characters to cosplay together is easy because we click so perfectly.

Cosplay Performance of Miche and Jackie’s:

AmaraSama and Dennasaur

Comments from the Cosplayers: This photograph was taken by AmaraSama’s brother on our 6-month anniversary. We began dating as Kairi and Riku (AmaraSama asked Dennasaur out at a cosplay event), so it felt right to cosplay them again at this point in our relationship and take some commemorative photos.

AmaraSama and Dennasaur

Comments from the Cosplayers: This photograph was taken by Amara’s brother on the eve of our one-year anniversary as a couple. The same cosplay event just so happened to land within a day of our anniversary, and it seemed appropriate to don Kairi and Riku once more for the event. (We later changed into formal attire as Kairi and Riku based on a cute fanart we found.)

AmaraSama and Dennasaur

Comments from the Cosplayers: Alois and Ciel are one of the pairings we are most known for. Dennasaur already had a Ciel cosplay finished, while Amara had not yet completed Alois. She rushed to do so, however, in order to surprise Dennasaur on New Year’s Eve last year (2010-2011). Dennsaur was very pleased (her reaction was caught on a video, which can be seen on Soaring Visions’ YouTube (Soaring Visions is the cosplay group Den and Amara run/are part of)), and Amara has been causing her “trouble” as Alois ever since that night! [♥]

AmaraSama and Dennasaur

Comments from the Cosplayers: Our most recently completed cosplays. It has been a dream of Amara’s for over ten years to have a group with which to cosplay from Yu Yu Hakuksho. We watched it together, and when Den instantly fell in love with the series, my dream began to come true. [♥] I have always wanted to be Kurama, and since Dennasaur immediately picked Hiei, we became “partners in crime” in a more literal sense. ;3

Here’s a simple interview:

Q: How did you know this contest? Is it easy to join in or do you have any advice for it? Since there will be many other contests held here, which theme do you most expect to see later?

A: I (Amara) saw a friend post a link to it. It is relatively easy to join, though I had a little difficulty figuring out how to contact you at first. Anything cosplay-related. We look forward to the next contest/theme, whatever it is! :’3

Q: What’s your favorite cosplay theme? And what’s your best cosplay performance?

A: Couples’-cosplay in general. So far, I think we are most proud of our Yu Yu Hakusho cosplays. All of our convention Masquerade/Cosplay Contest performances have gone well, in our opinion. [♥]

Q: What do you think about cosplay? Share us something good and bad on this performance art in your opinion.

A: Cosplay is an amazing way to express ourselves and be creative. Good: we love meeting new people, making new friends, and finding fellow fans of the series we cosplay from. Cosplay is how we met and fell in love with one another. Bad: one of the only negative things we have to say about cosplay is regarding the drama other people sometimes cause. There is stress in finishing a cosplay project on time, but the relief and the good feelings we get from the accompliment(s) makes it all worthwhile.

Q: We will be interested in knowing some difficulties you met while cosplay. And how did you overcome them?

A: Learning a new skill (like sewing) always has its difficulties here and there; we overcome them through perseverence–and the love of cosplay.


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