Cosplayer Interviews-Malindachan

Today Malindachan join in our cosplay interviews to share her real cosplay stotry. Malindachan is really hot in deviantart .Personally like her wig tutorials most,really step by step ,impressive!


1.Introduce you first.
-Hi, my name is Malinda Mathis, and I go by Malindachan as my cosplay alias.

2.How did you get started in with cosplay, what was your first cosplay?
-I got into cosplay during High School thanks to our Anime Club. My first real cosplay was in 2004 when I cosplayed Edward Elric for Halloween and for special Anime Club events.

3.What has been your favourite cosplay?
-It’s really hard to decide, though I’ve got a special place in my heart for Yusei Fudo. It’s the one I’ve worn the most, and it’s got a lot of fond memories attached to it.


4.Describe your creative process for starting a costume through completion!
-First thing I do is look for tons of references so that I know every detail before I even start. Then I order the wig base! XD You never know if the place you want to order from will be out of stock or take a while to get to you, so I make sure I order it as soon as possible so I have enough styling time. I go to a local fabric store to browse for material ideas until I’ve picked out what I feel is the best match. But I will usually hold out on getting the fabric until it’s either on sale or if I have a coupon (cosplaying can be expensive!). I prioritize the stuff that is essential to getting done first, but I also like to switch around while I’m working on certain items so that I’ve got some variety going on. If I’m doing nothing but sewing for several days, I might no longer be motivated to sew later, so I’ll switch to something like props, the wig, or accessories for a while before going back to sewing again. I always like to listen to music or have a movie/show playing in the background as I work because I cannot work in silence. XD Taking progress photos as I go and sharing them with friends on facebook is also a huge motivator, because feedback can really help keep me going.

5.What is the biggest learning curve you have learned about the hobby in the past years?
-I’ve learned lots of things about working with different kinds of materials and such, but the biggest thing this hobby has taught me is about my own self. I’ve become a stronger person thanks to cosplaying, and I’ve learned some values. :)

6.Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay beginners?and I noticed you made some amazing wig tutorials, could you tell us some key points for style a wig?
-Never underestimate what you’re capable of. Experiment with new materials and techniques, and you might surprise yourself. I didn’t know I’d have a knack for wig-styling until I tried it. Next thing I knew, my wigs became the highlight of my cosplay work. Sure, some people might catch on faster at the start compared others because they either have an artistic eye or are good with their hands, but with how much variety there is in this hobby, there’s bound to be something that makes each person stand out. Some people excel at sewing, some are great with props or wigs, some are better at mimicking the characters’ personalities. Find your niche and work off it! :)


7.Lastly, what is your con schedule looking like through 2013?
-I’ve got a huge convention lineup this year, especially because I work for Arda-wigs now and will be traveling to help work the wig booth. More will be added to the list for-sure, but as of now I know I’ll be at Katsucon, Naka-kon, Evillecon, Acen, Colossalcon, Cosplacon, Anime Expo, and Dragon*con. Some of them I’ll just be attending for fun, some are for work, and I’ll be a cosplay guest at two of them. :)


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