Cosplay Makeup Time: Honoka Kousaka

Since the second girl group has arrived, the first group hasn’t gotten as much love as before. So let’s bring some love back to Muse with a nice makeup for Honoka!LOVE live

Start off with a clean face. Use moisturizer und prime your face well so your idol makeup has a perfect base. Use foundation and concealer to cover up any blemishes and dark circles. Set everything with powder.

Now take your cutest and pinkest blush and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. In Love Live, the characters usually blush a lot. Take a warm highlighter, I used a pinkish one, and apply it above your blush, on your nose, forehead, chin and on your cupid’s bow. Contour a little, but be careful and keep a round face.Step too

Fill in your eyebrows. I wanted a more natural tone so I took a blonde colour for my eyebrows. If you want you can choose orange. Groom your eyebrows afterwards. Then take your eyeliner and make the shape high in the middle and low on the sides. Wing it out however you like. Use an apricot eye shadow and apply it on your eyelids. I mixed in a little pink for diversity. Line your waterline with white eyeliner and bring the black colour back to your lower lash line. Use mascara there.Stepthree

Now get out your awesome fake lashes. Stick them on and blend the lashes together with your natural ones. Erase the edges of your lips with concealer and apply pink lip tint or lip stick, whichever you like best.Stepfour

Throw on your wig now! And don’t forget her hair accessory! Now go on and have fun!Stepfive

Thanks to our guest writer Luxayre Cosplay


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