Become Charlotte Fire Emblem Fates With Simple Makup and Chobits Chi wig

As a cosplayer you sometimes need to think outside the box. So using a wig for different characters is really important! This is my Chi wig but I figured I might as well change it a little! Have fun!introduction

Here is a super nice wig for both styles.

  1. Prime your face as always. Charlotte is a glowing little wannabe princess so be sure to get that dewy princessy look! Use foundation and concealer and set it with powder.step-fire
  2. Now use your pinkest blush and most glittery highlighter. Apply blush on your cheeks and highlighter on your cheek bones, your nose, cupid’s bow and forehead. You don’t really need to contour.step-fi3. Now comes eyeliner! Make it round and full. Don’t be afraid to put a little more on. Charlotte is, unlike Chii, a femme fatale so you can go on and use some more makeup. Apply white eyeliner on your waterline. Apply mascara on your lower lashes and put some highlighter into the corners of your eyes. Then get some black eyeliner again and apply it on the outer corners of your eyes. I put some concealer on my lips and applied some super pink lipstick. On top of that I put clear lipgloss.step-fir5. Alright! And now… throw on your wig! If your wig does not already have slight curls and waves, use your curling iron on the lowest setting and do some curl magic!stepchi

Thanks a lot to Luxayre Cosplay for her ideas and share.

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