A Travel to the Toronto Anime North Expo

Anime North is the biggest anime pageant in Canada. It’s held in Toronto once a year. As anime fans in other provinces like Quebec and border parts between America and Canada also join in, this expo has the largest scale. Besides, anime expos are also generated in Vancouver. But as it’s located in the west coast, fewer people take part in. Also, there are anime expos in California, whose scale is much larger than those in Vancouver.

In 2011, Toronto Anime North Expo had been held during May 27 – 29. Ticket is sold on from CAD 35 to 40. In most cases, ticket will be a little more expensive on Saturday because more activities are held on that day and the expo is held on a longer time. Below, photos taken on that expo are shared by a reporter. Now, let’s take a look and feel Canadians’ passion for anime and cosplay.

This time, most of participants came from areas nearby Toronto. Also, there are people who specially came from west bank of Vancouver or America. Lots of Caucasians are passionate. But their figures seem like less appealing. Thus, don’t excessively demand this. Most Asian cosplayers come from Southeast Asia. So just neglect their height. Although cosplay performance done by them are not as good as what Asian cosplayers do, they still set high standard for their costumes. Their passion is second to none. Except cosplay, there are lots of books. Then, enjoy these photos.

Cosplany News – 4th Philippine Cosplay Convention

The 4th Philippine Cosplay Convention has been held in Saturday, March 5 · 10:00am – 8:00pm at Midtown Atrium Robinson’s Place . For some funny reasons, miccostumes.com did not attend this cosplay convention, but got some insiders’ infor. , it was fantastic ~~~.

So let’s share some amazing cosplay photos in 4th Philippine Cosplay Convention

Thanx Junichiro Valdez and James Alerta to share the photos 🙂