Best Kids Cosplay – Find Good Cosplay Ideas for Your Kids

Since it’s much funny to cosplay, why not let your kids join us too? Below, todayu we will share some good kids cosplay ideas with you. Maybe you will be inspired about choosing the ideal cosplay animes for your kid.

1. Astro Boy Kids Cosplay

Such a little boy seems so masculine, right? The helmet and black leather shorts do make him seem rather cool.

2. Chun Li Kids Cosplay

It seems like she is attracted by something interesting. But to be honest, I don’t think there will be another matter more attractive than her cute Chun Li cosplay appearance.

3.Lara Croft Kids Cosplay

Her appeal is not second to older girls who seem rather sexy with Lara Croft costumes. Temperately mature touches are created by the cool outfit. It will be an interesting try.

4.Mega Man kids Cosplay

There may be no Mega Man younger than him! The suit with over-sized hat, sleeves and shoes makes him seem so cute.

5. Moogle kids Cosplay

Either earrings on the hat are made to be pink or black, these little cosplayers for Moogle do seem so charming. Either sitting on the chair or tottering on the carpet, they always draw most attention. Their arrivals do bring a new force onto the fantastic cosplay stage

6.Nartuto Sasuke kids Cosplay

You may have never seen Sasuke and Uzumaki playing video game together or found Uzumaki with a feeding bottle. The odd world described in Naruto becomes more innocent and interesting when these little boys arrive.

7.Naruto Uzumaki kids Cosplay

Since Uzumaki is impersonated by so many kids and all of them look great with the yellow suits, how about letting your child take a try too? I was attracted on the first glimpse of the innocent smile of that boy tottering with the help of an adult.

8.Naruto Gaara  kid Cosplay

These little angels will never fail to find something interesting in their life. Here, the sapling and toy ball draw their attentions and they do seem having a good time there.

9.Other Naruto Kids Cosplay

All members enjoy the time of feeling like fictional roles. Actually speaking, interesting scenes like this have been nothing new on the kids cosplay arena.

10.Mario Kids Cosplay

Color combination between yellow and purple makes this young boy an eye-catching hit on the cosplay stage undoubtedly. Don’t you think the curving beard makes him seem so funny?

11.Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora kids Cosplay

12.Dragon ball Son Goku kids Cosplay

There will always be something catching kids’ eyeballs. This time, something amazing makes him focus. But what we focus is his cute appearance with the Son Goku cosplay costume, right?

13.Zelda Link kids Cosplay

I can not help laughing while seeing his coy smile. The shield is made to be much smaller than what we have seen before. The petite figure looks rather powerful with this cool costume.

14.Bleach Rukia Kuchiki kids cosplay

15.Bleach Toshiro Hitsugaya kids Cosplay

this little boy feels confident with his cosplay appearance 🙂

16.Bleach Zangetsu kids Cosplay

Hey, is something sweet used to make the blood spots on his mouth ? 🙂

17.Katamaria kids Cosplay

Do you plan to go for a costume play yet have not found a person to take care of your child? If so, why not take him/her to the show together with you? This is definitely a funny try by gifted parents!

18. Haruhi Suzumiya kids Cosplay

They must pose for photographing now. Nobody can deny uniforms will be some of the best cosplay costume choices for kids. Both of these pretty girls look great with the white-and-blue Haruhi Suzumiya cosplay suits.

19. Final Fantasy Cloud kids Cosplay

The black Cloud cosplay costume and blond sharp edged hairstyle must be obviously different with his usual clothing style. Is he also attracted by his odd suit and lowering his head to take a careful look?

20.Final Fantasy Yuna kid Cosplay

cute ~~

Famous American Cosplay Models (Part3)

You have see ourPart1 and Part2, today, i wanna finish this list.

21. Naosa

Naosa,whose real name is Samantha, is deeply fond of anime such as Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters. Her chun li cosplay style definitely deserves applauding. Her bonny figure looks rather great with the black suit. A vivid chun li gets to be presented by her try.

22.Natalie Smith

Being asked by good friends to join in the Tekkoshocon 2004 as Thief Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 and then feeling interested in those shows, Natalie Smith was inspired about what to do with her life from that experience. The red strapless dress for Asta cosplay makes this girl one of the brightest spots on the show. Dazzling appeal is created by such an exotic and also elegant dress. Then, her appeal does not cease on her celes cosplay appearance. The nude dress seems delicate, ornate and of course unusual, making her a sexy hit.

23.Pikmin Link

Working as Costume Designer, Artist, 3D animation student, Game Advisor, Pikmin Link is undoubtedly gifted. This time, her vivid C.C. from Code Geass cosplay look definitely makes all of us truly feel the fantastic anime world. She seems like fond of white. The Hyoga cosplay costume creates cool touches. With exquisite armor, she must be fascinated with the odd joy of feeling the same with a fictional role.

24.Pixie Kitty

Do you still remember Pixie Kitty’s favorite quote “Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow”? . This sexy girl did make a real expression with her personality during the Ayane C8 cosplay. The black lingerie-styled suit is paired with a purple sash, perfectly decorating her hot body shape. Lavender hairstyle and golden loops also contribute to complete such an amazing look.


Slim body shape is a crucial element to help a person look great with cosplay costumes. This also makes sense on Riddle. This time, this pretty girl becomes an excellent cosplayer for eclair, who steals the limelight with a one-piece red dress. Including the sparkling color, each element on her suit is crucial in boosting her appeal. Also, her allure on a kasumi cosplay is second to nobody.


Cosplaying since 1999 and mostly loving Princess Neptune costume, Samantha have amazed the crowd times. Now, take a look at her princess Neptune cosplay appearance. It’s unknown why she looks stunning with the green suit, right? Probably, she is destined to be a queen while wearing a suit like this.


Loving Dancing, Beach Bumming, Baseball, Politics, Tree Hugging, Costuming, Writing, Traveling, Sports, Performing, Shiva is well-known as a creative girl. She always consider cosplay to be fantastic creative and artistic outlet. Here, her Miku cosplay style draws most attention due to seeming rather chic, funny and also feminine. Once again, the fantastic joy is well experienced by her Rosette Christopher cosplay. I have to say she may be an instinctive cosplayer!


Gaining affection from lots of people by slim slender and queen-like temperament, Victoria is always noticed on those fantastic shows. This time, her black widow cosplay appearance amazed the crowd once again. Does the black leather suit exist only for her? If not, how can she look so appealing with it? Without carrying too many odd accessories, she has made a wonderful accentuation with the fantastic performance art.

29.We Go 4 Kyo

We go 4 Kyo refers to a group, covering members of Babyberry, Evali and Imriela. They have been cosplaying since 2004. Most of time, elegant, irresistibly sexy or incredibly fantastic appearances created by them charm the crowd. Obviously, these three girls performed well this time. The fictional world gets to be brought to reality by their vivid looks.

30.Wind of the Stars

Also called as Windy-chan, Mel, Wind of the Stars adds Emilie Autumn, art, sewing, cosplaying, Jeeps, Cats, anime, manga, video games, food, sleep, the ocean, San Francisco, etc into her favorite item list. Here, her Nia Teppelin cosplay style is sexy enough to amaze everybody. The black zentai suit with red strings and also the blond hair with blue spices both contribute a lot to boost her allure. Finding the Zhen Ji cosplay style made by Wind of the Stars, most people finally truly feel the dreamlike anime world. I do think there will be few Zhen Ji cosplayers better than Wind of the Stars, such a glamorous girl with the purple halter dress!

31.Yaya Han

Fluent in Chinese, German, English; some Spanish, Latin, French and Japanese, Yaya Han is absolutely a talented girl. Her strong interest in ancient cultures, music, art, theatre, cars, exotic foods, fashion, makeup and photography makes her an excellent cosplayer too. Either the fashionable black clothing style or the red fantastic cosplay costume shows her charm. If the black dress flatters her rich fashion taste, the red cosplay costume is definitely an expression for her creativity for life.

Famous American Cosplay Models (Part2)

In our part 1, we have list first 10 cosplay models in America, today, we will go to the part 2 🙂

11. Katie

Sleeping Beauty, Spider-man 2, The Dark Knight, 10 Things I Hate About You are movies mostly loved by Katie. But costumes for Yuuko and Yukari are her favorite clothing styles.  The strapless white dress for serenity cosplay definitely makes her a sexy princess. Exotic and a little savage Yuna cosplay costume did emphasize overwhelmed appeal!


Mandy, a girl with fabulous creativity, always makes real self-expression on costume plays. This time, her white halter dress for Healed Galaxia cosplay is definitely a finishing touch to boost her appealing femininity. Blond hair is dyed to be red, seeming very harmonious with the consecrate white dress. Then, Mandy well expresses her genius in cosplay by a user-generated role. The elegant suit and the delicate arrow both help her win hurrahs.

13.Mandy Mitchell

Graduating from the University of California at Irvine with a Bachelor of Science and loving horseback riding, cosplay, and reading novels, Mandy Mitchell had made times’ wonderful performance on cosplay stages. Always catching up with the latest cosplay sense, her white Chii cosplay dress exactly accentuates her femininity and makes her moderately sexy. Each element on the dress is exquisitely made, making her appearance a visual feast for cosplay lovers undoubtedly.

14.Maral Agnerian

Also known as Herself the Elf, Sarcasm-hime, Yousei-chan, Elf-chan, Elfie, Zelphone, Maral Agnerian work as a freelance illustrator and also a costumer. Here, the White Astrosexy Bellydance cosplay costume makes her appearance exotic and alluring. The slender figure is wonderfully adorned. Something luxurious is well expressed by delicate and odd accessories used on the suit. Another Pokemon Gijinka costume is much simper. Sharp-cut color contrast becomes a bright spot.


Owning a slim figure of 164cm, Maridah always charms the crowd by appealing looks. This time, the Saber Lily cosplay costume greatly emphasizes her female property, making her sexily appealing undoubtedly. Comparing with an extravagant or excessively odd suit, this white dress with separate collar must better fit her body shape and also white skin tone.


Dreaming to be a cartoonist since the childhood and working in a cosplay business, Mary is also a devotee for Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Berserk, Battle Angel, Gankutsuou, Final Fantasy, etc. Here, the purple t-shirt and black shorts for Horo cosplay do not overdo the fantastic beauty appreciation on cosplay costumes, looking great with her brown hairstyle. Then, the pink Rayearth Primera cosplay dress, pink flats but green hairstyle perfectly blends odd sense of style with sex appeal.


Getting into cosplay in 2003 without any knowledge about sewing, Megan finally becomes good at making her costumes in a short time. That is not easy.Here, let’s look at her Juvia Loxar cosplay style. Is there a Juvia Loxar cosplayers much sexier than Megan? I really don’t think so. Then, the sex appeal lasts to her Oerba Dia Vanille cosplay appearance. Pink bolero with intricate yet delicate accessories makes her can not be neglected in the busy crowd undoubtedly.


Meru is a beautiful girl with blue eyes and blond hair. Loving exercise, shopping, anime figures and of course cosplay, she had ever stunned the crowd by Louise de la Vallière cosplay look. Here, the black bikini show is shared with you. It’s overwhelmed alluring, right? Also, her allure is well expressed by the off the shoulder red body suit while going for a Lilith Aensland cosplay. It seems like Meru often looks stunning with different colors and clothing styles.


Miracole is a part professional makeup artist and part illustrative model. But what makes her well-known is her vast assortment of custom designed comic costumes. On her Black Widow cosplay performance, people do detect her cool charm. The black suit perfectly decorates her figure and expresses her amazing personality. It seems like that she often completes fabulous looks with black.


Brown eyes and red hair always make Molly noticed in the crowd. Beginning costuming since 2004, she is also an excellent cosplayer. Her purple dress for ino yamanaka cosplay leaves a deep impression for lots of people by incredible glamour. Also, the bold and unique Black canary costume style seems like existing only for her.

Famous American Cosplay Models (Part1)

Wanna find some cosplay ideas? or dreamming for cosplay modeling and do not know how to become a Famous Cosplay Model ? Maybe you should check some popular cosplay girls in America, today we will make a list (3 part) for some Famous American Cosplay Models ,professional or not , but only do fantastic Cosplay ~

1. Adella

Adella, a pretty girl with chestnut brown hair and blue eyes, carries strong interest in anime, video games, drawing, conventions, reading, role playing, etc. In the photo, she shows us a vivid Sheryl Nome by off-the-shoulder t-shirt and black shorts, which make her rather sexy. The purple Celine Jules cosplay costume wonderfully flatters her slim body shape and creates required fantastic touches to her look.

2. Beth Hodgson

Having been a retailer manager in the fashion world for over two years till now, Beth Hodgson is still a devotee for art, cosplay, camping and pwning nubs in the world of warcraft. Here, the red warlock cosplay costume makes her seem like a queen! Then, the blue off the shoulder dress for Riddel cosplay looks rather odd with the purple hairstyle. Anyway, she looks so similar with real riddel.

3.Candy Keane

Born in Huntsville, Alabama and living in Jacksonville, FL now, Candy Keane is a costume designer and also cosplay model. This time, the red-and-white leather suit for Spanish Rose Dawn cosplay definitely makes her seem irresistibly sexy. Teal tears created required odd spices.

4.Carolann Voltarel

Beginning sewing while 12 years old and introducing cosplay to the world in 2001, Carolann Voltarel is absolutely a loyal aficionado for costume play. The lilac Kyoko Angel cosplay costume help her complete a dolce appearance. Since maid cosplay is a theme of eternal appeal, Carolann Voltarel also found an ideal maid outfit to accent her femininity.


Etaru, whose nickname is Lada, figures out what Halloween is with the help of her mother in assembling costumes and holds strong favor for Sailor Moon. Here, an erogenous appearance is created by the white Kos Mos cosplay costume.

6.Ginny McQueen

Beginning cosplaying since 1998 and making her costumes personally, Ginny McQueen, who is also known as G-chan, is absolutely an excellent cosplay model. This white zentai suit definitely flatters her slim silhouette to the fullest. The sexy bolero and long golden yellow hair must make her an eye-catching hit on the show.


Also known as HezaChan, Heather holds strong interest for Saber Marionette (all series), Sailor Moon Super S, Pretty Sammy, Popotan, Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan Majikarte, etc. She looks great the black-and-red bikini and leather shorts in black. Red long hairstyle also becomes a crucial element in making her Yoko cosplay semblance pop out. The dark blue komugiswim costume makes her fully show her female property without overdoing sexuality.

8.Heidi Rogers

She usually dresses up as fictional roles for fun. That’s her favorite hobby, simply because she loves the challenge of bring her favorite anime/manga, movies or video games characters to life. This time, her Felicia cosplay is definitely a bold try. The purely white suit with a long tail is a perfect combination between sex appeal and fantastic sense. Plus the red fingernails and cute bunny ears, she makes her irresistibly alluring.

9.Jessica Nigri

Beginning cosplaying since San Diego Comic Con 2009 and getting an experience that is nothing short of amazing and crazy, Jessica Nigri, a girl of 21 years old, loves gaming, reading comic books, watching anime, reading manga and watching movies of all sorts.  She becomes a sexy Pikachu. It’s believed she can be added to the list of “the sexiest Pikachu cosplayers”, right? Then, the pink cosplay costume definitely makes her seem much more dolce.


Feeling strongly fond of antique stores and long car rides, Jia is also an enthusiast for cosplay. She always cosplay is at an infant stage in USA and this performance art can only grow if more people share. The black razmo cosplay dress with thigh-length leather boots makes her rather cool. Breaking away from usual clothing style, she stuns the audience by such an elegant appearance with the intricate costume for belldandy cosplay.