Latest CTS Press Release:From Cosplay to Idol Group and Content Franchise – One of  our Partners in Indonesia share their latest PR today, Bonni email me about the PR, so I think we should repost it in our blog to support. And have worked with CTS to release the co-brand lolita line – Delicious! , the first two lolita dresses will be ready in May,if you are interested,dont forget to check our lolita line in our shop.

Our dear partners,

First of all, I on behalf of our growing membership, cast, and crews would like to thank you for your continuing support for our work. It has been a wonderful year for us, and we couldn’t have done this much without you.
In our latest press release we are proud to officially announce several exciting developments of COSPLAY: The Series, as well as a brief write-up of our Anniversary Event held on April 22nd. Among them are the integration of our team into artist/idol management company Nagaraja, an upcoming production of CTS Singapore Special, adaptation into light novel series, a production of our very own lolita fashion line, and spin-offs in the form of a one-shot manga, a visual novel, and an iPad game. Both as a cosplay and filmmaker community and a web series entity, we believe it is quite an achievement, and we feel honored to have such supportive fans and of course partners like yourself.
Along with this press release we would also like to share with you our two latest videos: — this is a teaser of what’s to come, to go along with the press release — this is a short documentary of our journey, commemorating our first anniversary
It is our hope that we can foster a stronger and more productive cooperation in the years ahead, expanding the realms of creative possibilities in both the cosplay and web series worlds and in pop culture in general. If you would like to propose ideas for collaboration or ask a question or two, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Thank you very much!
All the best,
Bonni Rambatan

New Lolia Brand Clothes Are Coming Soon

Looking for lovely & elegant lolita clothes? Pay a visit to, then you are sure to find an awesome outfit to give you that cute look! New lolita outfits of Delicious, a lolita brand in China, will be uploaded to the site soon! We are the authorization business agent of a few famous Lolita Brands in China, including Dear Celine, Classical Puppets, Infanta, and White Moon. Get your lolita dress now?

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Meet White Moon


Fascinated with lolita wear, Bai Cai and Yue lauched White Moon in 2011. The new lolita brand in China – White Moon, also called Bai Yue in Chinese, is named after the two founders – Bai Cai and Yue. Both of them are designers of the brand. Besides, Bai Cai is also responsible for photographing and artistic design. Oh, she is also a still model occasionally. While Yue is also in charge of plate making, quality monitoring and factory management.

“Before knowing lolita wear, I was neither fond of shopping nor good at dressing, photographing or using photoshop,” Bai Cai notes. To another desinger – Yue, she has always liked dreamy clothes and making them since she was young. This makes sense that she loves lolita clothes. If they do not have the chance to meet, Bai Cai perhaps is a civil servant now, while Yue maybe is a teacher. “We are lucky to know each other,”  Bai Cai and Yue explain.

The design inspiration of White Moon mainly comes from girl’s comics. Both Bai Cai and Yue have been obsessed with girl’s comics since childhood owing to the romantic stories, and the beautiful outfits of heroines, featuring sweet bowknot, dreamy ruffles, princess skirt. The Rose of Versailles, The Count’s Daughter, and Glitter are their favorite comics. White Moon features a line of classical, sweet, and country syle lolita clothes. Girls who are happy with Sweet Lolita Style will love with White Moon.

White moon pink alice sweetheart lolita dressWhite moon blue strips with lace trim lolita dress

Meet Infanta


Sally is the founder of Infanta, a Lolita Brand in China. She has been pursuing elegance, delicacy and perfection in her life. And this is the reason she is obsessed with lolita fashion and have persevered in developing Infanta since it was lauched in 2007.

Infanta means princess in Portuguese, which features typical European dress styles – lace and ruche details. It includes a line of graceful and Rococo styled clothes. “To realize the childhood dream of being a princess is the initial motivation for setting up Infanta,” Sally said. “Now, I take Infanta as my career and has grown a small-scale workshop into a big factory with its own designing, processing and marketing departments.”

Each new style of the line is carefully designed in every detail. Sally is trying to make Infanta the choice of lolita girls who would like to have elegant and sweet clothes.

Infanta Halter Wrapping Tape Lace Up Lolita DressInfanta A Line Lace Up Bowknot Printed Cotton Lolita Dress

Meet Classical Puppets

Mr Rabbit

B Century (Huashan) is the designer of lolita clothes who also sets up the brand Classical Puppets. Classical Puppets launched in 2005, provides a stunning range of lolita clothes and accessories.

Why does B Century like lolita clothing so much? It traces back to her high school. She has had a fascination with the history of western clothing since she was in high school. Then she majored in dress designing in college, and started to create her own dress line.

“I like plenty of dress styles, like Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Victorian, Punk, etc, and beauties of all kinds – sweet, elegant, gloomy, which lead to the diversity of Classical Puppets,” B Century said. “I want my designs to be divided into several styles which go well with each other to create the new classicism of this age.”

Below are two popular styles from Classical Puppets, including dress and petticoat.

Classical Puppets Blueberry Halter Sweet Bowknot Lolita DressClassical Puppets Organdy Lined Ice Cream Lolita Petticoat