Can’t Get Enough of Cosplay? Do It Every Day!

Now you’re probably thinking, “Pinni, if I go to my local supermarket as Goku I’d probably be asked to leave.”

Yeah, I getcha. Besides, that wig would most likelu take someone’s eye out, and you wouldn’t want that.

Unlike other hobbies out there, cosplay is very much seasonal – cons are only held every now and then, and especially in countries like Australia, they’re only on a couple of times a year.

Sure, you can also organise your own photoshoots, but they only last a couple of hours – not to mention they don’t leave much time for you to do anything else other than pose.

With all that posing, cosplayers are basically characters from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”

Waiting for the next con to roll around can get pretty boring, so why not take advantage of every other day? I’ll be showing you a small selection of series where some of the characters’ outfits (or parts of it) can be worn comfortably at the mall or the park!


KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! – underachiever Sawada Tsunayoshi is forced to become heir to the infamous Vongola Family due to a very distant familial relationship. The current head sends a hitman, Reborn, to get Tsuna into shape and transform him into an individual fit to become a mafia boss.


SAILOR MOON – the clumsy Tsukino Usagi befriends a talking cat who gives her the ability to transform into the beautiful “Sailor Moon”. Together, they seek out other “Sailor Soldiers” to combine their powers against evil.

These outfits remain stylish despite their age. Retro fashion is also making a comeback!
“Sailor Moon” has a very wide variety of styles to fit the cast’s diverse personalities


BROTHERS CONFLICT – Asahina Ema’s father remarries, and as a result she has 13 new family members – brothers who fall in love with her one after another. Oh, and she has a talking pet squirrel.

Yeah, this series is a bit… yeah.
At least the outfits are decent. I especially like Louis’ blue polka dot hoodie

LOVE LIVE!  A group of girls decide to become idols to save their school, which is forced to shut down due to the dwindling amount of enrollments. Later, they are launched into the “Love Live” idol competition which brings the best units from Japan together for a musical showdown.

This series also features a wide variety of outfits
Well, with nine lead characters, how can you not?
Being a younger series than “Sailor Moon”, the fashion styles are more modern and cater more to the tastes of young people today

UTA NO PRINCE-SAMA six aspiring student idols meet the one-in-a-million composer that can bring out their full potential and secure their place as one of the best groups in the world of entertainment. However, they all have personal insecurities and issues they must overcome before they can make it big.

For people working in the entertainment industry, looking good is a must
UtaPri often has real life collaborations and campaigns
Honestly, I could probably fill this entire article with just UtaPri. Especially with Nanami, the lead girl – her outfits are really cute


FULL MOON WO SAGASHITE – twelve year old Kouyama Mitsuki, although a talented singer, has two things which stand in her way of a successful career – her grandmother who hates music, and a disease only curable with surgery that will potentially ruin her vocal chords. One day, she is visited by two shinigami who grant her a shot at her seemingly impossible dream after telling her she has only a year left.

Tanemura Arina’s detailed and delicate art style really brings her story to life
This series is also a little old, but many fans of oldschool styles love its outfits


THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU – Sakuraba Neku wakes up in the middle of Tokyo with no memories and no more time to live. He is give 7 days to clear a game whose reward is a second chance at life. Together with his partner, he  must walk the streets of Japan’s most stylish district to seek out not only the latest fashion accessories to boost their combat abilities, but also the enigma surrounding the game itself.

Its bold graphics and hip soundtrack have defined "TWEWY" as one of the most stylish games ever made
Its bold graphics and hip soundtrack have defined “TWEWY” as one of the most stylish games ever made
With a vibrant cast and equally original story and battle system, TWEWY is a must play!
With a vibrant cast and equally original story and battle system, TWEWY is a must play!


GATCHAMAN CROWDS – bubbly high schooler Ichinose Hajime gains the ability to manifest her spiritual powers into a powered suit, which she – along with the other Gatchaman members – use to fight off enemies including an alien capable of decimating multiple planets. However, a mysterious mastermind stands in their way, though at times it is not clear whether they are friend or foe.

The minimalistic yet striking school uniform can easily double as an outfit for the weekend
The character design is very unique but pales in comparison to the powered suits
Hajime encourages you to watch her show!


ZERO ESCAPE – nine strangers are kidnapped and forced to play a life or death game lasting 9 hours. They appear to have no connection to each other, but the evidence that surfaces as they dig deeper into their past doesn’t seem to agree. The first one takes place in what appears to be the Titanic, and the second in an ominous warehouse.

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors for the 9th title in this article!
Ok, I know some of these outfits are pretty wacky but I did say “some” outfits or “parts” of them


PERSONA 4 – protagonist Narukami Yu starts life in rural Inaba just as a string of mysterious murders committed on foggy nights is beginning. After discovering another world accessible only by stepping into a TV, he and his friends are granted the power to summon entities known as “Personas” to seek out the truth.

The Investigation Team in their winter casual outfits
It’s amazing how a change of hairstyles can make you look so much more grown up

Even when I can’t replicate an outfit, I like to use it for inspiration for my own coordinates.


That concludes our list for today!

Share your experiences of cosplaying in public with us in the comments, or tell us about which outfits you’d love to wear!




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