First and foremost, we apologize for bring you such hard feelings. A few hours ago, we are informed that one of our articles which published on SNS, contains insulting utterances. We are really sorry about that and delete it as soon as we could, please allow us to make an apology for all of you, especially for someone who gets hurts.

The article was published on February 2011, when an outsourcing team is doing the marketing for us. Six years ago, we were new and inexperienced, should have spent more time on checking the contents. We have deleted several inappropriate promotion blogs in recent years, however, this account, haven’t been given back to us. Therefore, articles on it haven’t been checked yet. We tried many ways to delete it for it hasn’t been used for a long time. This is a very serious issue. We are sorry!

One of our man who gives the first response has put us in a hateful situation. He is new here, and knows nothing about that article, and also do not realize the seriousness of the issue. Nevertheless, the harm has been done, we are so shame and deal with it by deleting the article as soon as we could. We apologize again for those who get hurt, and those who believed us in the first place.

We respect every cosplay lovers. We will never make fun of cosplayers, or judge them! We are sorry to let you down. We failed your support. We hope you still willing to give us a chance to correct it, we will not fail you anymore.


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