Cosplayer Interviews-Wind of the Stars


1. Hi Mel,thanks to join in our interviews,so please introduce you first.

Thank you for having me! I’m Mel, or as some of you might know me by WindoftheStars. I’ve been cosplaying since 2004, and truly love this creative art form. Some of my favorite types of costume to make come from video games and from my own design. In the little free time outside of work and costuming, I love to swim, play video games or watch movies with my dog.

2. I noticed you’ve made many amazing cosplay and really hot in many cosplay social network, so how did you get started in with cosplay, what was your first cosplay?

I was always really into costumes since I was a kid. When I was a little girl, my mom and I would work together to make rather elaborate Halloween costumes for me. In fact I dressed up as Sailor Moon for two years in row. I remember using a Christmas bows and my old cheerleading skirt for the costume! It wasn’t until I got into college that I really found out about cosplay and conventions. Wanting to make new friends and find out about more anime, so I joined the anime club on campus. They had an annual event in which they encouraged members and attendees to cosplay. This idea just sounded like so much fun that I had my mom help me with my costume and I dressed up as Cassandra Alexandra from Soul Calibur II. It was so much fun, that I started looking into cosplay more online. That’s when I found about anime conventions, and well, the rest is history.

3. What has been your favourite cosplay?


This question is always a tough one for me to answer. There have been several costumes that I would consider my favorites for one reason or another. My top 4 in no particular order are Eternal Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon, Lina Inverse from Slayers Next, Lilith from Borderlands, and Cassandra Alexandra (3p) from Soul Calibur II.

4. Describe your creative process for starting a costume through completion.I see your shop in, so I think you can promote it to our readers as well.

I first start off by doing a lot of research. I look up reference images, different techniques I might use in the project, figure out what patterns I might need to use, and I might even look at other costumes just to see if I can get any inspiration. Then I start the planning and brainstorming phase. I make a game plan on how I want to tackle each part of the costume and what materials I will want to use. If I don’t already have a specific way in mind I’ll sit down and brain storm ways to solve the problem. Sometimes if I’m really stuck or unsure of something will work, I’ll run it by my friends to see what their input is on it. Even if you don’t take their suggestions, it might help spark an idea in you that you never thought of. From there I start gathering supplies. Since this is the expensive part of the costume I try to spread it over a few weeks, if not months, so the financial burden is a little easier to bear. Once supplies are gathered, I’ll start crafting. Working little bits here and there. I usually try to have a few things going on at once so if I get stuck (sewing or mentally!) I can take a break and focus on something else. If something isn’t working out, the best thing to do is to put it down and walk away for bit. Even just sleeping on it will make the world of difference if you are struggling on something. Slowly, the costume takes shape and it’s done. At the con and/or photo shoot is when the magic happens. The first time you get to put on the whole costume with full make-up and hair, and getting to see all your hard work come to fruition, it’s extremely gratifying. Yes I do run an Etsy shop. I sell a variety of cosplay accessories for Sailor Moon, Avatar the Last Airbender, Devil May Cry, and Final Fantasy XIII costumes. I offer some basic larger resin shapes like hearts and rounds that can be used for a variety of different costumes. I also have prints of my costumes for anyone that’s interested in those as well. You can find all of this at

5. What is the biggest learning curve you have learned about the hobby in the past years?

Most definitely sewing. When I started cosplaying, I didn’t even know how to use a sewing machine. My mother showed me how to use the machine, but that was about it. The rest of the stuff I know, was mostly learned through self teaching. I learned a lot from reading tutorials online and most important, my mistakes! I’ve been extremely lucky to have gotten a job as a professional tailor a few years ago and I have learned so much more than I could have ever learned on my own.


6. Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay virgins?

Make sure to have fun! It doesn’t matter what your costume looks like as long as you enjoy the time you spend in it. The memories you create with your friends while cosplaying will be the things you hold onto more so than stressing about if your costume was 100% accurate. Take things one stitch and brush stroke at a time. Learn from you mistakes, because they are the best tools for learning.

7. Lastly, what is your con schedule looking like through 2013?

I’ll be attending Fanime con in San Jose, CA and Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA. I will have an artist alley table selling costume accessories and prints at Kintoki Con in Sacramento, CA.

Places you can find me at:



Best Cosplay Ideas for your Family

Author Bio:This is the guest post from HiDef. She’s been has been cosplaying since 2007 and a huge crazy fan of anime, manga, video games, idols and Japanese culture in general.

With more nerdy couples meeting, greeting, falling in love and getting married, there’s an increase in exceptionally nerdy families. It’s hard not to pass your fandoms onto your kids. Even when I used to babysit I would watch anime with the kids I was with. But if you think that your hobbies may be over after having your little bundle of joy, think again! There are plenty of cosplay ideas for couples, expecting couples, and even parents!

1)    Maes Hughes – Full Metal Alchemist


Photo credit:LostRain13 and theEmperorofShadows

Major Hughes from the series Full Metal Alchemist is a major family man and is well known for shoving pictures of his “adorable daughter” in the face of anyone that will pass by. It’s funny, slightly annoying, but definitely cute to see a guy being so passionate about his love for his daughter. Don’t have a daughter yet? That’s fine! Bring your wife to be your Mrs. Hughes. It’s not only perfect for couples with a baby, but also for expecting couples too!  No one can stop the love this guy has. Wouldn’t you want to show off your precious bundle of joy too?

2)    Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask – Sailor Moon


Photo credit:Kamerascheu


Photo credit :Shintai-AB

No one can resist this classic. Sailor Moon may be one of the most well known anime series of all time. With the new remake of the anime coming out this summer, everyone is planning a cosplay to homage this magical series. Why not get the whole family to join in? A Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Mini Moon cosplay is perfect for the whole family. Have a little boy? Let him be Artemis, the cat and hold onto a Luna plush! Imagine how cute that would be. No one can resist this trio.

3)    Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi – Super Mario Bros.

13 photo credit : BriteWingz

It’s-a me! Mario and company! This other classic happens to also be a perfect cosplay group for you and the family. It’s very versatile. Have a little girl? Let her be Peach or Toad! Have a little boy? Mario, Luigi or Bowser could be perfect for him! Whether you like anime or just gaming, this family costume works at any convention and is even great for costume parties. Everyone recognizes Mario. Just don’t go overboard with the accent…

4)     Ash, Misty and Pikachu – Pokémon


Photo credit:TashCosplayArt14 and da-wakko

I personally LOVE Pokémon cosplays and I can’t find anyone else that disagrees with me! The best part about this cosplay is that your child can be any Pokémon. And not only that, but there are so many to choose from! An Ash, Misty and Pikachu cosplay group is perfect, but the number of Pokémon your son or daughter can cosplay is limitless.

5)     Ponyo, Sousuke, Fujimoto and Granmamare – Ponyo


Photo credit:Zelrondidi-Ji and tompkinsxx

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo~ Ghibli is loved worldwide for their wonderfully innocent and sometimes nostalgic movies. And Ponyo is no exception. While your family could probably cosplay from any Ghibli movie, I chose Ponyo because it works really well for couples that have a boy and a girl. And if your kids are old enough, they may enjoy dressing up as the characters from the movie because they loved the movie. Ghibli movies are perfect for children and the whole family.

In the end, everyone finds family cosplays to be precious. People say to do family activities together, so what’s wrong with every family doing their own thing? The cosplay community is so accepting and let’s be honest, cosplaying babies and kids are all too adorable. Though your life may have started with your kid(s), there’s nothing wrong with delving in the fantasy world every now and then. Happy cosplaying!



We will add more family cosplay ideas in this article, so why not submit the idea ?Just comment here!