How to Win the Cosplay Sponsor Contest?

Once you are fond of cosplay and have plenty of social resources to prompt yourself and also our site, don’t be hesitant to join in our cosplay contest now. Here is a guide, helping you row over easily.


1. Join early and propagandize continually.

We accept application forms from the beginning of a month. We accept application forms from the beginning of a month. And the applying in this month will be ended at every 20th. We will notice in advance affairs about the next month’s contest on every 25th. So, the earlier you apply, the better.

a. Just download the application form. After filling in required information, send it together with your most satisfactory cosplay picture to, with the title of “Cosplay Sponsor Application”.

b. We will upload your photo to our Facebook. You will receive an email from us, where you can check the link.

c. Everybody can vote for you.

d. To make sure more people will know the contest and vote for you, you will need to continually propagandize yourself and also the contest. Except votes obtained from your friends and other cosplay devotees, you can also receive extra votes from us.

2. Make the most of your social resources.

Persons getting the highest votes will be winners. To get more votes, social resources you have take a crucial role. Here, we list most of resources you may have:

wordpressa. Personal blog, like,, etc. A short report of the contest enables your visitors to know and vote for you. Many participants have done this. Take a look at this:


Check more at:

facebookb. Facebook. To update a piece of news on your Facebook wall or your friends’ is both feasible, like what they did:


Check more at:

twitterc. Twitter. To keep your readers informed with the contest and help more persons know your contest, just keep updating your news.

youtubed. Youtube. An applicant sent us a video made by her before. Below you can check it. To broadcast a matter on a video sharing site is often beneficial.

forume. Cosplay forums, like, etc. Forums are places where a large volume of page views. To post an article there must be helpful for you. Here are articles posted by previous participants:


daf. Most applicants tend to post an article, with their photos for the contest included, on their DA sites. To make full use of this social resource, posting an article or uploading your picture, will bring you much attention. Check some examples here:

flickrg. Photo sharing sites, like As a reputable photo sharing site, Flickr gathers lots of visitors for you easily. To get more votes, why not post your picture on a site like this? Some of them have done. Take a look below.


emailh. Email. Don’t be hesitant to send your friend an email. Except vote from him/her, more possible votes may come from their friends.

ppti. PPT sharing sites, like etc. Like pictures, a PPT will more easily draw attention. Make a brief introduction of you and maybe also the contest in the PPT. It won’t be difficult to get numerous page views in a short time.

human networkj. Organizations in campus and campus network. Anytime, don’t neglect the effect in campus. Incredible attention is detected at a place where lots of youngsters gather.

k. Cosplay groups. Above effect also makes sense in a cosplay group. Even, it’s much deeper.

friend 3. Ask your friends for help.

Everybody has his/her own social resource to popularize a certain thing. So, why not ask your friends also to join in prompting you and the contest? A message left on his/her Facebook or any other personal blog, or an email may bring out a sharp rise on your votes.

iphone4. Other methods.

a. Mutual support among all participants. For sure, you can cooperate with each other. Don’t be hesitant to vote for your rival. A win-win program makes sense anytime.

b. Explore the application of your Iphone. Basic communication enables you to let your friends know the contest you participate. But why not make the best of superiority of the mobile phone pioneer? Try programming App to prompt the contest if you or your friends are tech geekers as well.

PS: As long as you post an article, in which one link to our site and another one to our sponsor contest are included, you will receive another extra 10 votes. These votes can be accumulated.

Good luck, everybody.

Cosplay Sponsor Contest – How Is It Going?

We will update an article every week here, informing you about the latest situation of the cosplay sponsor contest.

29 professional cosplayers have joined in the contest. Andrew Voraboud, Pennelophy Soriano and Melrosa Le are participants who took over the lead till 10th Nov. But how is the contest going till now? Three participants taking over the lead at present are listed below.

16-Andrew Voraboud

1. Andrew Voraboud (607), having held the highest votes for 3 weeks :D.

15-Melrosa Le

2. Melrosa Le (309+100 extra votes=409)

9-Lucrezia Neri

3. Lucrezia Neri (331+20 extra votes=351)

Cosplay talents, you can obtain much more votes if you make full use of the social sites you and your friends have. We offer extra votes for participants who prompt themselves and the contest on their Facebook, Twitter, Deviantart, Flick, Blogger and any other personal blog or social site they have. These votes can be accumulated. After the article is posted, just send us the link. Now, take action?

All participants’ photos can be seen here.

Winners of October Cosplayer Sponsor Application Announced!

Cosplay talents, we are so grateful for your support for our Cosplayer Sponsor Application Event. Winners in October have been announced on site. It can be checked here.

Sponsor Winners

Congratulation, Daniele and Maria :P.

We will continue the sponsorship event and look forward to more cooperation with gifted cosplayers. New application for November will be accepted from tomorrow. Once you are interested, don’t be hesitant to download the application form. Detailed application steps can be seen here.

Cosplay Talent Alouette Cosplay – Sponsored with Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay Costume

Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay
Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay_2
Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay_1

Another cosplay talent sponsored by us shares us her pictures here, with the Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay Costume offered by us worn. She is Alouette Cosplay, who is widely known as Eva-No-Jutsu on I feel fascinated with most of her Rinoa Heartilly cosplay pictures and do think she seems rather charming with this blue-and-black costume. So, how about you? Visit her Facebook or DA to see more photos.

Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay Costume
Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay Costume1

This Rinoa Heartilly Costume is made from deluxe cotton. Except really desirable comfort level, it’s faithful to the game because of being elaborately designed and sewn by professionals. It includes a jacket, pants, apron, belt, detachable sleeve and armband. Except being available on size S, M, L and XL, it can be also customized. We will ship it out in 48hrs.

Sponsored Cosplayer Recruitment!!!

Any cosplay fan is welcomed to apply for being sponsored by us. Just download this form and fill it in. Email required information to, with a title of “Cosplayer Sponsor Application”. Once you are qualified, you will get a reply from us ASAP, with rules you should obey told. We promise your private information won’t be divulged and we will check each form received carefully. But since there are many cosplay talents applying for being sponsored, not everybody can get a sponsorship from us. We will be deeply grateful for your support and understanding :P.

Cosplay Talent Aura – Sponsored with Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Cosplay Costume

We sponsor cosplay talents with free costumes and wigs. If you are interested in this event, just contact us for the application form (inside your name, nationality, Facebook, Deviantart, Twitter site, cosplay experience, etc will be asked). We will contact you after checking your file. Sponsored cosplayers need to take photos with the costume after receiving it and post photos on any site you have. Just allow a watermark of our logo and also a link to our cosplay store on your picture :P. If you have a personal website, we will be deeply grateful for your mentioning of the sponsored program on it too.

miku cosplay
miku cosplay

Today, our sponsored cosplay talent Aura Rinoa shares us with her photos, with the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Cosplay Costume and Vocaloid2 Hatsune Miku Cosplay Wig from us worn. First, thanks very much, Aura, for taking and posting these pictures. You do look great with it! To see all pictures, just pay a visit to her site, DA, Facebook or Twitter.

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Cosplay Costume
Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Cosplay Costume detail

This Hatsune Miku costume is made from deluxe cotton. It includes a jacket, skirt, detachable sleeves, stockings, necktie, hair bands and belt. Ideal accuracy in details must make you feel confident and comfortable. Regular size S, M, L, XL and Custom-Made size can be chosen. It will be shipped out in 24hrs.

PS: If you are also interested in our cosplay talent sponsor event, just download this application form and fill it in. Email it to, with the title of “Cosplayer Sponsor Application” please :D. We will reply to you after carefully checking your file. But due to the large amount of work on a sponsor event, not everybody can get a sponsorship from us. We will be deeply grateful for your support and understanding.